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Actors & Actresses Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Posted)


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John Goodman



I do like all the four actors left but John is probably the one I'm less attached to. I probably saw John first on The Flintstones movie, one that I loved as a kid but who knows how I would feel about nowadays. I think one of his most famous roles would be Walter on The Big Lebowski, a film I find overrated but John was good enough as usual. I think my favourite films from him would be Argo, Monsters INC, Atomic Blonde and 10 Cloverfield Lane but he's done like a million films so I'm pretty sure there's much more to love.  As for TV, he's obviously mostly recognised for portraying Dan on Roseanne, a role that gave him six nominations for the Emmy but he never won. I obviously know what Roseanne but it is a show that I never watched growing up. John has recently appeared on the HBO series The Righteous Gemstones, a crime/comedy series about a famous family of televangelists. I'm not sure if I like the premise of that, if it follows the absurd route I might like it. The show is currently on its second season and renewed for a third. 



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Rose Byrne



This one sucks cause I absolutely love Rose Byrne. It was a tough battle between the other three choices but ultimately I decided for Rose. Rose's performance in Bridesmaids is incredible and I know most of the praise usually goes to Melissa but Rose's portrayal is also deserving of praise. Some of her other films that I've watched include Neighbors, Spy, Adult Beginners, Episode II, X-Men: First Class and Apocalypse, Neighbours 2 and Get him to the Greek. Rose is also known for appearing on all five seasons of the tv show Damages along Glenn Close for which she received best supporting actress nominations at the emmys and Goldens. Rose is currently on the show Physical which has mixed reviews but most of the critics agree that Rose is the saving grace of the show. She is also slated to appear on the new Insidious movie this year and was also part of the film Spirited released on Christmas time. 

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Paul Dano

Paul Dano Cheers GIF by BBC First Australia


I'm left to choose between preserving the few men left or backing the comedic pros. Paul is the first one to go down. If you look for Paul Dano gifs on the gif keyboard you get a lot of Swiss Army Man stuff which is... weird. Paul has no love from the Academy yet, but he did get recognized with nominations by the BAFTAs, Globes, Emmys, and SAG awards. The cast of Little Miss Sunshine won the SAG that year. But now he's waiting to see if he will win an individual award for his work in The Fabelmans, so good for him. Little Miss Sunshine and There Will Be Blood are two of my absolute faves so it's sad to lose him, but he got beat out with these noms

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Molly Shannon

Happy Molly Shannon GIF by Laff


Molly is an icon of TV and film and it has been a pleasure dragging her into the 60s in this game. She started as part of SNL and her career exploded after that. She has a very distinctive look and voice, and an unabashed style of acting that is truly special. Some films of hers include Wet Hot American Summer, Never Been Kissed, Talladega Nights, and Night at the Roxbury. The fact that she is not swimming in Emmys is kind of questionable. She's only been nominated twice (SNL and Will & Grace) and hasn't won. On SNL her Mary Katherine Gallagher characters is iconic and got her own movie in 1999. But I've always been partial to Sally O'Malley. I'M FIFTY

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