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Actors & Actresses Rankdown 2.0 (Winner Posted)


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I Love You GIF by Emmys

Like everyone, I do like Sarah Paulson - probably more than the majority here - hence why I took the responsibility to cut her; I figured that she was the most likely to get cut out of those nominees which made my decision a bit easier to cut her.  As an actress, she’s best known for her roles on television in series such as American Gothic, Jack & Jill, Deadwood,  Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Cupid. However, it is not those shows just mentioned that truly capitulated her into mainstream television - it is her involvement in many Ryan Murphy projects such as the anthology series known as American Horror Story (AHS: Asylum, AHS: Coven, AHS: Freak Show, AHS: Hotel, AHS: Roanoke, AHS: Cult, and AHS: Apocalypse). In every single role of hers on the series, she was always an highlight of the series and constantly receiving praise. The hard work eventually paid off when she finally earned her first Emmy, after many nominations,  for her portrayal of Marcia Clark in The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story.   Some of her other projects include Game Change, Mrs America, American Crime Story : Impeachment - definitely the highlight of the series, Carol, Mud, Martha Marcy May Marlene, New Years Eve, 12 Years a Slave, The Post, Ratched and Bird Box to name a few… As an actress, Sarah Paulson always manage to shine brightly , no matter the role that she takes on ; A remarkable actress that certainly deserves all the praises that comes her way. 


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Amy Poehler

Staring Amy Poehler GIF by Saturday Night Live


Apologies to Andy who probably thinks I either lack reading comprehension or am targeting him specifically. We're at the Top 80 and we don't want to lose any of these icons but the show must go on so here we go. Amy is a queen and has been nominated for like 25 Emmy awards, some for SNL some for Leslie Knope and some for being a producer of Parks & Rec. She only ever won a single Emmy award for some inexplicable reason, but at least it's something. She got it for co-hosting SNL with Tina. Her Leslie Knope performance earned her a Golden Globe at least, so we'll celebrate that. Her film career hasn't been as stellar but she still hit a home run with her performance as the lead in Inside Out. Shout out to her co-hosting the Golden Globes for a couple years because I still rewatch those opening jokes very often.


Save Bryan C

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Alison Brie


I toyed with an Alison Brie cut earlier in the game but talked myself out of it cause Mad Men and BoJack supremacy. But unfortunately for Alison I cannot quite talk myself out of it for a second time. Alison Brie was in Mad Men and BoJack Horseman for that she is iconic. Two of my favorite Mad Men scenes are when Trudy tells Pete she will destory him and when she does that dorky little dance with Pete at Roger's wedding (y'know the one where Roger dons blackface). And while Alison's casting in BoJack was problematic as she was a white woman playing an Asian character, her voice acting was great, especially in that final scene between BoJack and Diane. And Diana is my favorite character cause of course she is. Alison Brie's television career doesn't end with just two roles on two of my favorite shows though. Oh no! She also has Community and GLOW under her belt. While Community fell off the rails towards the end, the early seasons are iconic and I love Annie. Also GLOW was a masterpiece and I'm bitter forever about Netflix taking back their renewal of its final season :/. Alison Brie's film work is not as exciting. I've seen a few movies with her here and there, but there's no particular performances that really stand out for me. But yeah, her tv work. Mad Men, BoJack, Community, and GLOW. An iconic quarter of tv performances courtesy of Alison Brie making her an extremely deserving part of this top 100. Unfortunately, can't justify bringing her much further than that.


Save Melissa McCarthy

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Jon Hamm


Jon Hamm on 'Top Gun: Maverick,' His New Narrative Podcast and His Dog's  Inner Monologue | GQ


Kristen and Amy hold the same special place in my heart, so saving either one is really fine with me. Jon Hamm is someone who I also really love. I never was able to get into Mad Men and I know that’s definitely his most acclaimed and appreciated role. He plays the lead in a ridiculously popular show and won all kinds of awards for it, from the Emmy to the Golden Globe to the SAG and beyond. Jon has been a hustler over the years, I feel like I see him in everything. Besides being unfairly attractive, I really appreciate him for the random comedic roles he’s garnered over the years. Most notably I love him as the preacher/captor in Kimmy Schmidt and one of Liz Lemon’s dumb boyfriends in 30 Rock. He’s been in a slew of other movies and shows. I really enjoyed him in Bridesmaids and Black Mirror as well. I think this is a fair enough spot for him to leave, but I would consider myself a fan overall.


Save Kristen Wiig

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Jane Krakowski



The comedy ladies took a hit this set. I loved Maya since forever so this was an easy decision for me but I've recently started to watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and now I can say that Jane Krakowski is slowly become a favourite of mine. I think Jane is mostly recognized for her roles on 30 Rock, Ally McBeal and Unbreakabke Kimmy Schmidt. I remember that 30 Rock was a huge deal for her and she got multiple acting nominations during its course but then I never watched this so I can't comment on it, but I'm pretty sure she must have been great. I would say that her film career isn't particularly appealing to me as she seems to have been done only shitty comedies or animated movies. Jane is also a big deal on theatre and has participated on plays like Nine, Grand Hotel, She Loves Me, and Guys and Dolls, she even got herself a Tony and an Olivier award. While I like her a lot nowadays I think this is a fair spot for Jane.


Saving Maya Rudolph

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