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Favorite team going into KOs


Favorite team going into KOs  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Team Legend
    • Team Gwen
    • Team Camila
    • Team Blake

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Team John:
Emma Brooke
Kim Cruse
Morgan Taylor

Omar Jose Cardona
Parijita Bastola
Peyton Aldridge
Valarie Harding
Ian Harrison (Stolen from Gwen)
The Marilynds (Saved)

Team Gwen:
Alyssa Witrado
Cara Brindisi

Justin Aaron
Kayla Von der Heide
Rowan Grace
Sasha Hurtado (Stolen from Camila)
Destiny Leigh (Saved)

Team Camila:
Andrew Igbokidi


Eric Who
Morgan Myles
Orlando Mendez
Reina Ley
Jaeden Luke (Stolen from Blake)
Steven McMorran (Saved)


Team Blake:

Austin Montgomery

Brayden Lape
Eva Ullmann
Kate Kalvach
Kevin Hawkins

Bryce Leatherwood
Jay Allen (Stolen from Gwen)
The Dryes (Saved)


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1. Team John. My snowflakes this season are there (Omar and Parijita). Also a huge fan of Kim Cruse. Overall don't mind anyone on this team; this is a strong team.

2. Team Gwen. Big fan of Daysia and Destiny Leigh. Sasha and Alyssa are also promising.

3. Team Camila. Devix and Eric Who are fantastic. Andrew is great as well. Not particularly a fan of anyone else there.

4. Team Blake. I like bodie, and I think Kevin Hawkins is a fantastic singer, but I'm not a fan of anyone else on his team at all.

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Team Legend:

Omar is just phenomenal. I think he's my fav male contestant this season.

- Kim hasn't shown much of her abilities but her performances are still decent enough.

- Parijita's battle was a let down but we all know she's great. Her audition was one of the only four BAs that got a 9 or above from me.

- Emma has also improved a lot.


Team Gwen:

- I'm really interested in Justin and Kique.

- I'm also keeping an eye on Destiny, Cara, Rowan, and Alyssa.


Team Camilla:

- I love Morgan. She's one of my favs this season

- Devix seems interesting too.


That's it. 


Team Blake:

- Bodie and Bryce are my fav as of now on TB.

- I love Kate, Brayden, and Jay as well.


So, Legend > Blake > Gwen > Camilla

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1 hour ago, Daillon said:

John > Gwen > Camila > Blake


This. John's team has some fantastic frontrunners. Gwen's team has a lot of underdogs that have the potential to surprise. Camila's team is carried by Morgan and Devix for me. Blake, just Bodie.

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