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DWTS31 Week 5, Night 1 - Most Memorable Year Discussion


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In the first night of week 5, the Most Memorable Year theme makes its return after several seasons without it. Cue the 7’s and 8’s for just showing up.

DWTS Instagram has been revealing what each celeb chose as their most memorable year & why. I will put them in spoiler tags in case someone doesn’t want to be spoiled.



Charli: 2022 (The year I experienced growth and am learning to live with anxiety)

Gabby: 2020 (The year I answered a call of duty)

JJD: 2014 (The year I became a mother)

Jordin: 2017 (The year I found the love of my life)

Heidi: 1997 (The year I moved to NYC)

Joseph: 2022 (The year I did it my way)

Trevor: 2009 (The year I realized my dream)

Daniel: 2019 (The year my life changed and I acted in my first feature film)

Selma: 2018 (The year I was diagnosed with MS)

Shangela: 2013 (The year I snapped my leg in two)

Vinny: 2009 (The year that changed my life)

Wayne: 2003 (The year my daughter was born)


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It's nice to have Most Memorable Year as it's been a number of seasons without it... and I've kinda missed it. 


Thanks for posting those stories there, Amanda. Phew definitely going to be a lot of emotional and touching stories. 😢 

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14 minutes ago, ILuvCarrie4eva said:

Here's the order from George Pennachio


1. Trevor

2. Shangela

3. Jessie

4. Gabby

5. Joseph

6. Daniel

7. Jordin

8. Charli

9. Vinny

10. Heidi

11. Wayne

12. Selma

Predictions based on this lineup : 

Gabby: first 10 of the season


but Charli and Wayne will end up breaking the 3 way tie and getting multiple by the end of the ep. 

I hate this lineup for shangela tho 

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