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Favorite season coach lineup?


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Let's unfold this: 

-The seasons with Adam are automatically disqualified for me, sorry. 

-Same with the seasons with Nick 

-That leave us with S17/19, S21 and S22's coach lineups. Season 22 doesn't have Kelly so, bye. 

-So, it's a matter of opinion between Gwen and Ariana. And since i'm not that much of a fan of the whole Blake/Gwen dynamic, yeah, Season 21's lineup is the winner for me 😌


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S15: JHud, Blake, Adam, Kelly


S21: Ariana, Blake, Kelly, John


It was such a privilege having Ariana on the show and I will always love any season with Jennifer. I would kill to see either of them return, but I think the odds of that are pretty low. I also really liked the S12 coaches (because of Alicia), but it's not one of my favorites. 

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honestly i really enjoy camilas pitching and generally her presence on the show, though i’m not a fifth harmony or camila stan. i think the other coaches frequently give genuinely bad pitches so it’s refreshing to see someone who can pitch well and takes it seriously.


that said, the gwen pitching for blake thing feels, frankly, ridiculous. i enjoy gwen on the show, and she does seem to be more confident than before, but i wish she felt more confident in her abilities as a coach. i could be reading too much into it but i feel like her reluctance to turn until someone else has could potentially stem from feeling insecure that she’ll be the only one to turn and will have made a “bad decision.” im glad though that she turned for justin, because he clearly deserved to be on the show


ill have to think on it more, but camilas presence does make s22 a strong contender.

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