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Grading scale: A+ = exceptional, B+ = great, C+ = average, D+ = below average [average defined as average performance on the voice -- of course, none of these contestants are average at singing lol]

- Kique (C) vs. Tanner (C+): I think Kique has a more interesting voice, but I think I overall preferred Tanner on this song. I don't think either of them demonstrated the power / impact I was hoping to see from this song.

- Kevin (B+) vs. Hillary (B): I really enjoyed Hillary's runs, though her high notes at some times sounded a little too nasally for my taste. Kevin's approach felt a little too laid-back / slow at times, but I ended up preferring him because he was more powerful in the second half.

- Devix (C-) vs. Sasha (A-): Devix's tone / vocal texture didn't work for me (despite me liking it in his blind audition). Sasha's runs and power were so impressive, though the execution felt very slightly off at a few spots. Something about Sasha's eyes throws me off a little; I can't tell if she looks scared, almost? But perhaps I'm misreading it. Nonetheless, she was the clear winner here for me.

- Kim (B) vs. David (C-): David's performance didn't excite me and Kim's powerful notes weren't as prominent in the performance because they were sometimes covered by David's vocals. I missed the deep vocals from the original.

- Kate (A) vs. Madison (B-): Kate was very powerful and her flips to her head voice were nice! Madison was good, but I think that Kate shone more in this performance.

- Alyssa (A-) vs. Ian (B-): Ian's voice felt a little strained to me when he went for the bigger notes. Alyssa was powerful and had some nice runs.

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On 10/24/2022 at 8:41 PM, Someone648 said:

Kevin/Hillary was a weird one because it really did feel like they had to rush Hillary out so she wouldn't miss her flight/wedding :haha:

Not bad at all but still.

Ummmm yeah, ya think?! All the contestants have been talking about the Covid lockdowns they were under on their IG lives… no chance TPTB were gunna let her come back after her wedding, hence the John Legend song for the John Legend sounding guy. It also seems like they wanted to make sure she wasn’t winning - she posted some high notes on her IG and was def out singing Kevin. 

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