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Favorite Team Legend Audition

erik g

Which is your favorite Team Legend Audition from Season 22?  

37 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote your favorite

    • Omar Jose Cardona
    • Emma Brooke
    • David Andrew
    • Peyton Aldridge
    • Valerie Harding
    • Morgan Taylor
    • Parijita Bastola
    • The Marilynds
    • Lana Love
    • Dia Malai
    • Kim Cruse
    • Nia Skyfer

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I would have turned for Omar, Peyton, Valarie, Parijita and Lana from this team.

I'm honestly vacillating between Peyton and Parijita, I thoroughly enjoyed both auditions. I guess I'll vote for Peyton since everyone else will vote for Parijita anyway.

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