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Episode 7 (Favorite Performance)


Episode 7 (Favorite Performance)  

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  1. 1. Choose (Blinds):

    • Kim Cruse - Best Part
    • Steven McMorran - Never Enough
    • Rowan Grace - traitor
    • Constance Howard - Peaches
    • Justin Aaron - Glory
    • Jaeden Luke - Make it with You
    • Nia Skyfer- Bam Bam
  2. 2. Grade Episode 7 (Blinds)

    • A (Amazing)
    • B (Good)
    • C (Ok)
    • D (Subpar)
    • F (Fail)
  3. 3. ¿Who won the battle for you?

    • Austin Montgomery
    • Tanner Fussell

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  1. Justin (that had to have been late in the audition process, or at least that's what I'm telling myself because that definitely deserved a second chair or more)
  2. Kim (excellent technical showcase and some nice jazziness makes for a well-deserved four-chair turn, I just prefer other versions Khalea's  that we've heard on the show)
  3. Rowan (a bit raw with some minor issues, but clearly has a ton of potential)
  4. Jaedan (mellow, very pleasant listening experience, and Blake turning 100% prevented Gwen from making him sleep on the couch)
  5. Constance (cool tone, and her whistle notes have potential if used sparingly)
  6. Nia (good energy, I just don't like the song but I'll admit it was a good fit for her voice)
  7. Steven (all heart and there's clear potential there, but the high notes were strained and the song wasn't a particularly good fit for his voice)
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Probably the best night yet! There was good (Constance), there was bad (Constance), and there was Drama (Constance). What an entertaining night! Constance's performance will live on in both my dreams and nightmares. So good, yet so terrible. This night also had Jaeden, my new favorite for this season! What a good night.



The Good:

  1. Jaeden Luke: One of the most interesting voices we have ever had on this show. I'm really hoping he didn't peak in his audition, because if every one of his performances is this good, we're in for a good season. 
  2. Constance Howard: Sooooo entertaining. Every single part of her audition was a surprise.
  3. Justin Aaron: Such a solid audition. Gwen got so lucky.
  4. Steven McMorran: Super underrated audition. I really liked the operatic moments of his audition that Camila brought attention to.
  5. Kim Cruse: One of the worst performances of "Best Part" we've seen on this show (although Khalea set the bar quite high), but I see the potential. Not a bad audition.

The Bad:

6. Nia Skyfer: She did the best she could do given the song. Not a fantastic audition though.

7. Rowan Grace: Boring, teenage pop voice. Lots of flat moments. She just didn't stand out to me.

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Probably the only episode this season where I actually had a hard time picking out my favorite!

7. Nia Skyfer - fun, energetic performance, not so much fun on the vocals though.

6. Rowan Grace - started out great but lost steam really fast. She needs some coaching on breathing.

5. Constance Howard - all style/tricks, wrong song to showcase it. She should have sung Loving You.

4. Steven McMorran - bizarre song choice, but I kinda liked it?? He reminded me of Michael Bolton, which I did not expect based on his original music.

3. Justin Aaron - solid, solid, solid. He sounds like a worship leader, and that's not shade in the slightest.

2. Kim Cruse - everything I expected to be. Just a flat out vocalist.
1. Jaeden Luke - I know I dragged on his song choice a lot, but the fact that he made me want to listen to that song again should be an indication on how good he is.

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Sorry, the standards for tonight are quite high and i don't feel like being nice🤷


7. Constance (i wish i could unlisten to this somehow because my poor ears suffered it a lot, and no, throwing some really nice notes on a mediocre performance doesn't make it good)

6. Nia (This was honestly not good but i can't help but root for her, she is cute and has a great personality, and i know this is unpopular but i loved her fashion sense) 




5. Steven (Average performance, not for me) 



4. Jaeden (Very nice, my ears enjoyed his tone a lot, and great artistry as well) 

3. Rowan (My girl killed that, what can i say??:P. Some Issues but nothing that can't be coached) 

2. Kim (She ate and left no crumbs) 

1. Justin (John, what were you thinking?? Thanks God Gwen was smart enough, she caught a gold fish with him)




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Easily the most solid and enjoyable blind episodes we´ve had. A- for me.


1. Jaeden - Great arrangement of an unexpected song choice, dug his guitar playing as well. The transition to head voice on "wrong" was insane as well. Can´t wait to hear more from him. 


2. Justin - Nice, subtle showcase of control and power, plus a warm, inviting tone to boost. One chair? Could be a silent killer in this thing.


3. Kim - To no one´s surprise, she did great. Very rich tone and controlled runs, and I like that she showcased dynamics. She´s definitely holding back though, hopefully she gets to show her full arsenal later on.


4. Steven - Yes, the final higher notes were strained, but there´s something enticing about this performance. Unexpected song choice (I expected some Dylan, or some Van Morrison), and his tone seemed to work well with the song. Plus he showed more power than I imagined. Still, of course, they were issues that need to be worked on, but with help, he could pull those off.


5. Rowan - Gorgeous start, went a bit rough around the middle, since it seemed she was short of breath at times, but overall solid work. She sounded scarily close to Olivia though, so I hope she´s able to find more of her own voice, but hey, she has the perfect coach to do it.


6. Nia - Energy for days. Vocals were a bit rough, but this was a crowd pleasing showcase. Interested to see if stage presence will be her weapon, or if Camila will make her focus on vocals more.


7. Constance - Talented, and whistle notes ain´t no joke, but the performance was a bit of a mess in terms of proyection and notes placement.



Austin vs Tanner: In theory they were fine, but they came across as putting off the outlaw facade too hard and forcefully, to the point where it didn´t feel natural. Plus, ¿what´s with the weird ennunciation? 


That being said, I think Austin had more solid moments, Tanner´s growl didn´t fit the performance. 

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Loved tonight! Great auditions throughout.


1. Jaeden Luke (9.5) - Just fantastic! A wonderful, classic voice that still kinda leans into indie. Something about Washington artists, they’re just built different. This is my favorite of the night simply because he wasn’t even remotely on my radar.

2. Kim Cruse (9.5) - GORGEOUS. That tone and the control of her voice is so damn impressive and we KNOW she was holding back. Just fantastic.

3. Steven McMorran (8.5) - ADORE his tone. One of the best this season. A bold, unexpected song choice and despite a bit of straining in those bigger notes, it was fantastic.

4. Rowan Grace (8) - She definitely sounds her age (in a good way lol). She did well with that song and I’m glad that she chose Gwen. Camila seems to be the more pop-oriented one for the season but people disregard Gwen so much.

5. Constance Howard (8) - This is one that benefitted from the leak for sure. It was a chaotic but pretty impressive flip on the song. The whistle notes were great, but as Stated with her before, enunciation and control are going to be the things she needs to address moving forward.

6. Nia Skyfer (7.5) - A good enough version of the song. I'm not a fan of Camila's music but Nia picked a song that definitely suited her personality and style. Wish it would've shown off some more dynamics. 

7. Justin Aaron (7.5) - A good vocal. Was waiting for a WOW moment that never came, but he was consistent and can clearly perform even better.


Edit: Wow I guess I have a pretty unpopular opinion here lol

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1. Kim Cruse - The whole package. Beautiful, unique tone, and her runs and phrasing are just immaculate.


2. Justin Aaron - That was a stunning vocal. I do think it could've climaxed a little more but definitely my favorite Team Gwen audition.


3. Jaeden Luke - I loved how he made the song choice his own. The second half of this performance especially is fantastic.


4. Rowan Grace - She was flat sometimes and honestly sounds kinda generic, but this was solid.


5. Nia Skyfer - I think this is the best anyone could have done with Bam Bam lmao.


6. Constance Howard - This one has grown on me a little since it first leaked, but still.... nah.


7. Steven McMorran - There were nice moments but I agree with Gwen. I don't think the performance really came together.

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