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Best Post-Adam Season Performances (S17-)


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I consider the part of the show when Adam left to be its own era, so list your favorite performances! I'm ranking my list but you don't have to.


1. Girl Named Tom "River"

- I almost can't believe this performance is real. I wanted to hear them sing this song the entire season and when it did happen, it wound up being even better than what I had imagined.


2. Jershika Maple "Inseparable"

- I wasn't paying much attention to Jershika up to this point. You better believe this made me take notice.


3. Cam Anthony "Stand Up"

- This was such a powerful performance, not just vocally, but visually. I truly believe it sealed the deal on Cam's win.


4. Rose Short "God's Country" 

- One word — iconic. IDF members often joke about this being Rose's original song and I can't say I disagree.


5. Girl Named Tom "Helplessly Hoping"

- This was just heavenly and a fantastic first impression for this fantastic group.


6. Sid Kingsley "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright"

- I admit this is a very biased pick because Sid's recording of this on Spotify is among my most played songs of all-time, and while this version isn't as great as that one, I love it nonetheless.


7. Wendy Moten "We Can Work It Out"

- I know Wendy has had more impressive vocal showings than this one, but hey, this is the one I come back to the most and enjoy the most.


8. CammWess "Say Something"

- Talk about an unexpected breakout moment. My favorite performance in that forgettable season.


9. Katie Rae vs Bella DeNapoli "No More Tears"

- If I were a bigger Broadway fan, this would be higher. But still, the best battle of the last 5 seasons.


10. Desz "Can We Talk"

- Can we talk (lmao) about the stage presence on this one? We all know Desz is an amazing vocalist but her ability to sell songs is incredible.



(yes I just needed an excuse to talk about my favorite performances)

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  • Season 17: Highlight Reel
  • Mendeleyev - Girl From the North Country (gorgeous deep baritone + effective in its simplicity)
  • Royce Lovett & Kiara Brown - Turn Your Lights Down Low (Gwen’s battles tend to be some of my favorites, and this is one that worked well for both vocalists)
  • Max Boyle - when the party’s over (Chills. Just…I still don’t have words for this.)
  • Rose Short - God’s Country (can’t believe they let her perform an original in the Top 10 week /s)
  • Will Breman - My Body (perhaps not the vocally strongest of the live performers, but Will’s a helluva entertainer when he wants to be)
  • Rose Short - I Want To Know What Love Is (the fact she ended up in the Instant Save after two weeks of kicking ass is CRIMINAL)
  • Ricky Duran - A Woman Like Her (honestly tied with Lauren & Addison for my favorite on-show original a contestant has done for the finale)

Season 18: Highlight Reel

  • Thunderstorm Artis - Blackbird (this may be one of my favorite Beatles covers ever, no lie; it’s 100% deserving of the widespread praise it got online after it aired)
  • CammWess - Say Something (talk about coming out of nowhere and completely dominating the field in terms of KO strength - though Megan’s was also excellent)
  • Zan Fiskum - Blowin’ in the Wind (considering the COVID limitations, this was very well-done and a good showcase for her tone)

I’ll do the rest of the post-Adam seasons when I’m not on my phone during my lunch break.

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Season 17

-Rose Short- Big White Room

-Katie Kadan: I'm Going Down

-Hello Sunday: Almost Is Never Enough


Season 18

-Mike Jerel: It's A Mans Mans Mans World

-Megan Danielle: Piece by Piece

-CammWess: Say Something

-Toneisha Harris: I Wanna Know What Love Is


Season 19

-Cami Clune: Skinny Love, I Put A Spell On You, Never Tear Us Apart

-Desz: Can We Talk

-Carter Rubin: You Say

-Carter Rubin and Larriah Jackson: Like I'm Gonna Lose You

-Chloe Hogan- Weak

-Desz and Joseph Soul- If You Don't Know Me By Now

-John Holiday: All By  Myself

-Casme and Rio Souma: You're All I Need To Get By 

-Tamara Jade: Cuz I Love You


Season 20

-Cam Anthony: Stand Up

-Gihanna Zoe: Glitter in the Air

-Dana Monique: Nutbush City Limits

-Victor Solomon: Glory

-Anna Grace: If I Die Young

-Anna Grace: Let Her Go

-Ryleigh Modig: Use Somebody

-Ryleigh Modig and Gean Garcia- pov

-Pia Renee: What the World Needs Now Is Love 


Season 21

-Wendy Moten: We Can Work It Out, Over the Rainbow, Ain't No Way

-Gymani: pov, Say Something 

-Jershika Maple: Inseparable, Can You Stand the Rain, Break Every Chain, I'm Going Down, Rolling in the Deep, How Can I Ease the Pain

-Lana Scott: Wildest Dreams, hole in the bottle

-Shadale: Impossible

-BrittanyBree: Call Out My Name

-Samara Brown: Sweet Thing

 BrittanyBree and Samara Brown: Giving Him Something He Can Feel

-Holly Forbes: Rocket Man, Superstar

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Season 17

5. Katie Kadan - Baby I love you

4. Khalea Lynee - Best part

3. Jake Hoot - Cover me up

2. Rose Short - Border song

1. Mendeleyev - Girl from North country


Season 18

5. Zan Fiskum - Blowin in the wind

4. Alegra Miles - Chandelier

3. CammWess - Say something

2. Toneisha Harris - Diamonds

1. Thunderstorm Artis - Blackbird


Season 19

5. Carter Rubin - You say

4. Kelsie Watts - I dare you

3. Julia Cooper - Alaska

2. Desz - Can we talk

1. John Holiday - Misty



Season 20

5. Victor Solomon - Glory

4. Ryleigh Modig and Gean Garcia - pov

3. Cam Anthony - Feeling good

2. Raine Stern - Electric Feel

1. Dana Monique - Free your mind



Season 21.

5. Paris winningham - I wish it would rain

4 Gymani - POV

3.Jershika Maple - Inseperable

2. Wendy Moten - Ain't no way

1. GNT - River





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3 hours ago, VintageVoice said:

Mendeleyev - Girl From the North Country (gorgeous deep baritone + effective in its simplicity)


This one was on my shortlist. Like 12th or 13th for me.

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