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DWTS31 Week 2 - Elvis Night Discussion Thread!


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34 minutes ago, *Chris said:

Opening the show is... JJD & Alan 

Closing the show is... Wayne & Witney (yay!) 

I think everyone and their mama predicted Wayne to close the show.... so slay. :dead: 


29 minutes ago, *Chris said:

It's kind of an odd choice for a Foxtrot, imo. 


28 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

That was weird but tbf what an awful song for a foxtrot

Yeah I thought "Trouble" was a really odd song choice for a Foxtrot. WTH is up with Jessie getting these really weird unfit song choices for her dances? :dead: 


22 minutes ago, *Diana said:

also 17 minutes in, 2nd dance


never change show :giggle:

Yikes, why only 2 dances 17 minutes into a show... with a cast of 15? :dead: 

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15 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Lol at the intro being about it being a traditional quickstep and then Gleb giving us the least traditional quickstep ever

LMAOOO Gleb would. :dead: 


11 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Teresa bettah bring out the sob story!!!

She has no other choice but to do so to stay in. :dead: 

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