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DWTS31 Week 2 - Elvis Night Discussion Thread!


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I got around to watching the show, so I'll post my thoughts below.



Week 2 Thoughts!


Jessie & Alan - Foxtrot: LOL it was cute seeing Jessie's 4 year old son as such a big Elvis fan. :haha: Yeah "Trouble" definitely was a weird song choice for the Foxtrot. Jessie did perform well, had fun and did improve upon her last dance here. I did feel like something with her frame/hold looked a little off like her posture felt off but then I didn't really notice it on rewatch. I do get Bruno's comments of her needing to glide through in her footwork, but still a good improvement.

Jordin & Brandon - Quickstep: Aww Jordin's story of singing "Hound Dog" at 12 at a karaoke contest and winning money for it was really cute. Now 20 years later, she's dancing to the same song. This is definitely a weird song choice for a Quickstep. But I do agree with those that said her Cha-Cha was better, but I still enjoyed her Quickstep. I thought this was a fun and cute dance and she performed this well. She knows how to sell a dance. I did think she had a good frame but I also felt that the body contact and footwork was a little loose. I did notice a few shaky moments and mistakes, but it was still good.

Sam & Cheryl - Viennese Waltz: Once again, "Heartbreak Hotel" is such an odd song choice for the Viennese Waltz. I think this song would have worked perfectly for a Foxtrot.... and I also did not like this arrangement for it, lol. But it worked for this dance. Anyway, Sam did improve on this dance.  His frame and footwork did improve slightly, though he still has some technical things that looked a little off and can wo work on. But the styling/feel of it (with the song) just threw me off from the dance.

Shangela & Gleb - Quickstep: LOL Shangela's "like your breathe stinks, but it doesn't" and then the Bridgeton comments in the intro video. :haha: This was a really cute Quickstep here. I thought Shangela performed this really well and had such great fun with this. Although this dance did feel like a mixture of Quickstep and Jitterbug fusion. The styles worked well with the song. I felt like Shangela did better in the out of hold parts. The in hold parts were good too, but there did seem to be a few iffy moments in there... and I would have preferred seeing more Quickstep content. But it was still very good and lots of fun.

Teresa & Pasha - Jive: Aww Teresa doing her dance in honor of her father, whom she watched DWTS with was touching. I definitely feared for Teresa with the Jive and had low expectations but she did better than I expected. It was cute seeing her have fun with this dance... and smiling through a dance that you're supposed to smile through (unlike the Tango). On a technical level, the kicks & flicks were quite soft and lacked retraction... and yeah the leg action simply wasn't sharp enough for the style. :( But again, Teresa really did look happy and was having a blast, so at least there was that.  Aww Teresa talking more about her father with Alfonso really made me feel for her. 😢:broken:

Daniel & Britt - Jive: Aww haha I loved how excited Daniel was for Elvis week. It's also so fascinating seeing how Britt teaches Daniel the moves and technique. It was also nice seeing more of Daniel with his two mothers and learning more about them. It's funny how I never knew this song existed until it was used as  a Jive on SYTYCD earlier this year and then now with this dance. Daniel is such a fun and infectious performer. He looked like he was having a blast and he danced this Jive well. He definitely nailed the character of the dance and channeled his inner Elvis. Technically, he had some good kicks & flicks in there but then I also felt he had some parts that were a little weaker that could have been sharper and stronger. But yeah I do agree that he has good musicality, which is impressive. Although Britt did outdance and overdid the energy in comparison to Daniel, which made him look slower there. But still a fun dance. And awww I loved see Marlee Matlin there in support for Daniel.

Gabby & Val - Viennese Waltz: It's nice how Gabby can express her love/engagement and ugh I just wish there wasn't terrible past regarding Erich as I really liked him on The Bachelorette and really like him/Gabby as a couple but ugh. :/  I had a feeling the Viennese Waltz would be Gabby's dance and she did not disappoint.  This was really a beautiful, stunning and breathtaking dnce. Shr had a great frame and in hold position. She moved and danced with such grace and elegance. She was so soft and gentle in her movements. She had lovely lines, spins, rotations and everything you would want to see in a Viennese Waltz. ❤️ LOL WHAT at this new word Tyra is trying to come up with?  :dead: Eloquentacious? :lmao: 

Vinny & Koko - Quickstep: Lol Vinny comparing himself and mentioning having a Vegas residency like Elvis. :giggle: I did worry for Vinny with the Quickstep but wow what a major surprise and improvement from Vinny here. He definitely channeled and got into the Elvis character really well here. Vinny definitely improved on a technical level here. He did have moments of being a little bumpy and slow in the Quickstep hold at the start. But then he nailed the side by side/separate parts of the dance where he got to dance on his own. But then I thought he greatly improved his Quickstep hold/frame towards the end of the dance. So kind of a dance in two halves but it was still good and such an improvement!

Charli & Mark - Quickstep: This was a really cute, fun and cheeky Quickstep. Charli was very clean and precise in her dancing, where she provided a great frame, in hold and footwork throughout the dance. She performed well and in such a cute way. I do think she could have performed with having a little more fun to it, as she did seem to think through the steps at certain parts. But yeah no doubt that her dancing was fantastic and so strong!

Selma & Sasha - Jive: Ooof now I really worried for Selma in getting the Jive as I thought this would be a really hard dance on her. Aww I thought this was such a cute and fun dance from Selma. She looked like she was having so much fun and it was great to see all of that. Technically speaking, yeah... it was kinda really weak and rough. The kicks & flicks were hardly there and did seem soft/heavy. And as mentioned throughout here, she nailed the cartwheel and split! That def had me shook. :omg: So yeah technically, not great, but a really fun dance. And I loved seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar in the audience for her. 

Cheryl & Louis - Tango: I did have high hopes for Cheryl this week as I thought ballroom would really suit her. But first off, "A Little Less Conversation" is such a strange song choice for a Tango. Oooof, ouch this dance was really rough. Poor Cheryl, I felt bad for her in this dance. :( This song was wayy too fast and upbeat for the Tango. But Cheryl seemed to have made SO many mistakes. Like right from the start, there were mistakes and it seemed she never really found her footing to get back into the dance correctly? :( The footwork was messy and her frame was really loose. Gah it's such a shame... but at least she kept the dance going. I wonder if the rehearsals were better, which I'm sure they were.

Joseph & Alexis - Viennese Waltz: Aww it's really nice seeing Daniella  ins the rehearsals with Joseph as we couldn't get to see her dance here. :( Lol Joseph talking about bringing those Elvis hips when he's got a Viennese Waltz. :haha: OK I love this song choice and think it works perfectly for this style. Ah I did like and enjoy this dance from Joseph. I thought he had some nice lyrical moments with his arms/hands. His frame/in hold dancing was inconsistent. He did have a really rough/bumpy moment in getting back into hold with Alexis towards the middle/end of the dance. But he had some decent moments in hold. But yeah the fact that Joseph and Alexis only had a few times to rehearse this dance on show day, is a real challenge! Both handled the challenge really well.  

Heidi & Artem - Foxtrot: I may be in the minority here, but I think "Suspicious Minds" works really well for a Foxtrot. Lol there was so much talk of Heidi bringing out her personality into this dance in that intro clip. Not really sure if this is the dance for that since I didn't really get that here. But what I will say is that I did really enjoy this dance, I thought she was elegant, sophiscated and danced it beautifully. She had a good frame and nice footwork. I do kinda agree with Derek in that she needed more feeling and breathing through the dance. She danced everything nicely, well and very pretty but it does lack the fun and character. But it was pretty and lovely to watch.

Trevor & Emma - Rumba: With Trevor being an actor, I felt that really helped him get into the character and feel of the Rumba. I don't know why but some of his explaining the dance and stuff just cracked me up for some reason? :haha: Ooh wow this Rumba was such a pleasant surprise from Trevor.  Wow they were really oozing and showcasing loads of chemistry. Trevor did dance this really well, as he showcased some lovely lines with his arms/handles and he showcased and partnered Emma like a leading man. He was very expressive with his movements and provided some decent hip action. And yeah... wow great chemistry and he really got into the character here. OMG Bruno was a dangg mess here. :dead: Also lol Tyra calling him Thor, Elvis and Tarzan. Then OMG Tyra ignoring Len and not letting him comment on the dance. She's such a mess. :dead: OMG that awkward question Alfonso asked if the chemistry was acting skills or real and then Trevor's response. Pooor Emma there but... she handled it well. :dead:

Wayne & Witney - Jive: Ooh gosh, Wayne having sensitive knees...gah, that's worrisome especially for this style. But yayy for a "Burning Love" Jive as I love this song/style combo! Wayne is such a natural, fun and energetic performer and he showed that off so well once again. But I loved how he channeled Elvis and he did so really well. He had some clean, sharp and precise kicks & flicks and Jive leg action throughout the dance! He brought the fun and technique so well here. :bobo: He makes it all look so effortless and it was so jammed pack! I also agree with Derek that Wayne had the best Jive technique this episode too.

1. Wayne & Witney - Jive
2. Gabby & Val - Viennese Waltz
3. Charli & Mark - Quickstep
4. Trevor & Emma - Rumba
5. Shangela & Gleb - Quickstep
6. Daniel & Britt - Jive
7. Heidi & Artem - Foxtrot
8. Jordin & Brandon - Quickstep
9. Vinny & Koko - Quickstep
10. Jessie & Alan - Foxtrot
11. Selma & Sasha - Jive
12. Joseph & Alexis - Viennese Waltz
13. Sam & Cheryl - Viennese Waltz
14. Teresa & Pasha - Jive
15. Cheryl & Louis - Tango 

Based on the dances this week only, this was right Bottom 2 as I thought Teresa & Pasha and Cheryl & Louis had the weakest dances of the night. If my decision was based on this week only, I would have saved Teresa. But based on overall standing, that's where it's more of a toss up but I do feel like Cheryl has more potential to grow and have better dances. I'm okay with the decision but also am kinda sad to see Teresa go. But it was a fair call. It's nice she got to do the show and dance as it was something she's wanted to do, at least.

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