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DWTS 31 - Week 1 - The Premiere


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On 9/19/2022 at 8:02 PM, aliasocfan said:

I will force Mark to get a haircut 🤣


On 9/19/2022 at 8:03 PM, *Chris said:

Yes, please!


On 9/19/2022 at 8:04 PM, Elliott said:

Mark has had to dance with Candace Cameron Bure and Bristol Palin, and yet that man bun is the most offensive thing he’s done. 



What!? Ya'll are crazy. He is so attractive with the long hair. He's beautiful!

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I said as soon as they announced the cast that either Wayne Brady or Charli D'Amelio would win. And they had the two highest scores on opening night so I may be correct. I don't know anything about Charli except that she's from Tik Tok and I am too old to be into her content, but when I saw she was paired with Mark Ballas I just knew they would be good. I am hoping for a Wayne/Witney win. I have loved Wayne Brady for many many years.

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On 9/21/2022 at 6:19 PM, *Lily said:


Kate Gosselin and her 8 children watching Jessie talk about balancing 3 kids with learning to dance

no, JJD invented working with children. It's not like any of the pro dancers have to deal with their own children while choreographing dances, learning group numbers, and teaching goober celebs, lmao

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Jordin & Brandon - Love this! It was fun! Definitely would've scored higher if she had danced later in the episode.

Sam & Cheryl - Meh. 5's are accurate. I think he's becoming forgettable real quickly in such a large cast with lots of big personalities and rootable couples.

Heidi & Artem - Well, I didn't have much expectations of her going into the season so I thought she did fine and the 6's were fair.

Daniel & Britt - This was a good first dance! I love this partnership and I hope they have a great season together.

Jessie & Alan - Yeah, I just can't bring myself to root for her with all the tea on her and she's not a great dancer either, so. I hope we're not stuck with her too long.

Teresa & Pash - The table flip. :dead: Also, first odd song/style combo of the season. This didn't even feel like a Tango because of the song. This was unfortunately a mess. Give Pasha a ringer next season. I think we could see great things from him if he got a ringer.

Wayne & Witney - As expected, he slayed. Such a good dance and I'm excited to see what they do in future weeks.

Cheryl & Louis - This was better than I was expecting. Great to see Louis back after so many seasons, too.

Vinny & Koko - A mess. LOL. I'll forever stan Koko though. I hope she has fun this season at least and gets a better dancer next time around.

Shangela & Gleb - SLAY. Honestly, this deserved an 8 or two. So much fun. 

Trevor & Emma - I feel bad for them that they got Quickstep on week 1 while everyone else got easier styles. This went about as well as I'd expect a non-dancer dancing the Quickstep on week 1 to go.

Gabby & Val - I expected her to be good and she was.

Joseph & Daniella - This wasn't good, but I'm not surprised 3/4 of the judges threw 6's at this. LOL. He has Daniella as a pro though, so I'm sure she'll drag whatever potential she can find out of him.

Jason & Peta - This was awful. Not surprised he was the first eliminated. I'm sad Peta's first out though. Give her a good partner next season! She hasn't had a good one since she won with Nyle back in season 22.

Selma & Sasha - Stunning, moving and emotional. 😭 Such a special dance and moment. :wub:

Charli & Mark - Yeah, the show's really not hiding their favoritism of her not only with giving her Mark in his return season but giving her the pimp spot as well. :haha: She did slay though and I'm so glad Mark's back. I missed his creative choreography.


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Finally got to watch the show, so will provide some thoughts!



Week 1 Thoughts!

Jordin & Brandon - Cha-Cha: This was a great show opener. Really cute and fun dance. Jordin showed great potential in technique and performance. I do agree with those that this would have scored higher had it been performed later. But I think 1 or 2 extra points would have worked fine.

Sam & Cheryl - Foxtrot: This was just alright. He gave a nice, charming performance but his technique/footwork looked off. I can get how he's forgettable to people. Even with his GMA pimpage on the show, I did forget about his dance as the show went on.

Heidi & Artem - Cha-Cha: Heidi gave a cute and fun performance/dance here. This was the definition of a fine dance. Not terrible, not great but perfectly right in the middle.

Daniel & Britt - Tango: Pretty solid Tango from Daniel. He got into the performance and had a strong frame here. Mostly good footwork too. Looking forward to seeing more from them.

Jessie & Alan - Cha-Cha: Well I thought she had a lot of fun and showed she's a great/fun performer, so there's that at least. The technique wasn't as good as I hope, as she did come off kinda heavy footed and stompy. Hopefully she works on that as I feel she can be a decent dancer.

Teresa & Pasha - Tango: LMAO cracking up at how they had to include the table flip here. :dead: I do find myself agreeing a lot with Amanda. This was such an odd song/style match and it didn't really feel like a Tango. It felt too happy. And it seemed like Teresa just walked through the dance without having the technique.

Wayne & Witney - Cha-Cha: This was such a fun and exciting dance! Wayne proved that he is a born natural performer and he was in the zone. :bobo: I thought he danced the Cha-Cha content really well but yeah there's room for improvement in technique too. But I thought he had that down and still slayed it.

Cheryl & Louis - Cha-Cha: Yeah this was better than I expected. Cheryl did dance it a little too softly/elegantly and the choreo did seem a little careful for her. She did have some decent technique. But I think she will really shine at ballroom.

Vinny & Koko - Salsa: Oh Vinny. :giggle: Yeah this was quite a mess and not good at all. He was very stiff, tight and danced his movements very small. He needed more isolation and bigger movements. Also he faded in the background to Koko.

Shangela & Gleb - Salsa: Shangela slayed this and this was such a fun, exciting and dynamic dance! :bobo: The partnering work was really good but the side by side stuff was fire. Def excited to see more from Shangela.

Trevor & Emma - Quickstep: OMGG Trevor in that intro video was something else. :dead: But honestly, while this was rough around the edges, he did do better than I expected. Some felt really off and weird with his frame and hold. He looked kinda pained there? But I thought he was fun on the out of hold moments and I enjoyed those parts.

Gabby & Val - Jive: This was really good, cute and fun from Gabby. She provided good/solid technique and had a lot of fun with this. Very cute.

Joseph & Daniella - Jive: Lol I thought Joseph had a lot of great fun here. His Jive technique with the kicks & flicks weren't the best and he needed to point his toes more, but he performed well. He did showcase some nice lines with his arms, so maybe potential in ballroom? But yeah I am sure Daniella can mold him into something interesting for the long haul.

Jason & Peta - Cha-Cha: Oooof yeah, this was really rough. He tried but he didn't have the rhythm, musicality and technique. The footwork was all wrong and he seemed too concentrated trying to do the steps, which weren't right. A fine first boot, but I do wish no elimination happened on the first week and that he and Peta could have had another shot.

Selma & Sasha - Viennese Waltz: Such a beautiful, touching and emotional moment for Selma. She moved with grace, elegance and was good in hold. She poured her heart into this and it showed. She did better than I expected. However, I really do worry for her with the faster Latin dances.

Charli & Mark - Cha-Cha: Lol yeah, I get that the pimpage is there for Charli. :haha: But she lived up to her ringer status where she delivered and slayed this dance. She performed well but brought and had fantastic technique and dancing skills. A dance I expected from her but it was great to watch! :bobo: Deserving to top the leaderboard.

1.    Charli & Mark - Cha-Cha
2.    Wayne & Witney - Cha-Cha
3.    Shangela & Gleb - Salsa
4.    Gabby & Val - Jive
5.    Jordin & Brandon - Cha-Cha
6.    Selma & Sasha - Viennese Waltz
7.    Daniel & Britt - Tango
8.    Heidi & Artem - Cha-Cha
9.    Joseph & Daniella - Jive
10.    Cheryl & Louis - Cha-Cha
11.    Trevor & Emma - Quickstep
12.    Jessie & Alan - Cha-Cha
13.    Sam & Cheryl - Foxtrot
14.    Teresa & Pasha - Tango
15.    Jason & Peta - Cha-Cha
16.    Vinny & Koko - Salsa



This was a really fun premiere episode! I feel certain on most of my rankings, although my #5/#6 are interchangeable.

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