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Sept 1st Evergreen State Fair ~ Monroe ~ WA


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1 hour ago, sinycalone said:

I've often wondered if Scotty offers the band and crew options:  they can take the bus, and get X amount of $$ as a stipend; or they can fly and use the stipend towards their airfare.  

My bet would be they get paid for time so that might be their option, which may mean some flight money comes from their pocket.  Just a guess.  Who knows, the drivers may be all alone. 

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It probably depends on how much they get for each day on the road.  Airfares can be pretty high, but versus probably 40-42 hours each way on the bus....I'd take the flight.  Joey still has family/friends in the Seattle area, so in this case he might opt to fly so that he can spend time with them.

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I remember a while back Nathan rode west with the truck & they spent a night or two in motels. 


I've flown into, out of, & through Sea-Tac.  Spent a 4 hr layover from 11 pm to 3 am once.  Unpleasant!  No stores or food places open overnight back then.  ( We were returning from Alaska)

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