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Who Could've been the Knockouts Steals in S3 or S4


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Been looking up old knockout performances from seasons 3 and 4 and I wondered who could've been stolen if steals were introduced in those seasons.  For season 3, I believe Nicole Nelson, Teresia Griffin, and Laura Vivas/Michelle Brooks-Thompson could be possibilities. For Season 4, Amy Whitcomb, Luke Edgemon, and Midas Whale imo. 



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Season 3: (It's hard because I liked the top 20)

 Gracia Harrison, Joe Kirkland, Michelle Brooks- Thompson, Nicole Nelson


Season 4: (Favorites gone in this round)

 Savannah Berry, Monique Abbadie, Grace Askew.

Last one is hard 

Mary Miranda (But this won't happen because her performance was not good at all).

So, I think Shawna P


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