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Devix Fan Thread


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Central PA • Singer-Songwriter• Alternative Rock • Indie Folk

Instagram | YouTube | TikTok  | Facebook










Fan List

1. istersay

2. Misirlou

3. jamescasaki

4. Anybody354

5. FloorWax

6. Persy

7. jarmon

8. Doug1985

9. B-B

10. Archanium

11. Ottoxxx

12. Hsamid

13. Daillon

14. AliXRose

15. David68

16. season1

17. erik g

18. TimOfTheRod

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5 hours ago, Anybody354 said:

Add me! I love his tone, and his genre is right up my alley.

Added :w00twave:  It looks like he is versatile, Singer-Songwriter• Alternative Rock • Indie Folk-

and plays some instruments also, excited to see him live

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He's probably better in a band, and if we replace the voting audience's housewives with Coachella attendees/Boho hipsters, he might win the show. But as is, he's a guy who will keep things interesting until the inevitable early elimination. For his archetype, it takes major indie ownership and obsession with craft to make a dent on these shows (like Alejandro Aranda in Idol), and he doesn't seem to have that. 

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1 hour ago, FloorWax said:

Add me, I enjoyed his audition.


45 minutes ago, Persy said:

Add me please! I loved the song for Devix and he did an awesome job! Giving me Thunderstorm vibes. 


4 minutes ago, jarmon said:

Please add me! :wub:

His song choice alone had me sold :wub:

added all of you :w00twave:


Looking forward to what else he can do

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1 hour ago, Misirlou said:

Congrats to Devix. I admit I was thrown off by the song choice, but still, he's bound to make things interesting this season.


Looking forward to hear him sing Yellow, hopefully with his guitar. 


I would love that choice

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