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18 hours ago, *Lily said:

Drafts are back this season for anyone who's down!


@*Amanda, @FrogLenzen, @Ariel1989 and @anaandrade all won their respective drafts with Iman last season - so if they are interested in playing again (and if we have enough interest for four drafts) they'll all get to pick where they go in this season.


Worth noting that Iman was picked no earlier than 12th out of 15 contestants in all four drafts last season (and was the last/default pick in two drafts), so it's truly anyone's game 😮 

Yes plz

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Draft so far:


1. Lily

2. Derek

3. Sola

4. Wally

5. Rei

6. Chris

7. Akshar

8. Diana

9. Ariel

10. Alex


Tagging everyone from last year's draft too in case they are interested. I'm hoping to get this started by no later than Friday to allow the weekend for picks before Monday's show!


@CarmenSandiego @*Amanda @1234567890 @aliasocfan @Elliott @anaandrade @rpryor03


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4 minutes ago, ILuvCarrie4eva said:

Y'all it's thursday evening. I truly don't think we are getting a press release. First time going into a show basically blind on songs or dance styles.

Hmm it still may be a bit too soon to say. I feel like sometimes the press releases came out a little late, like on a Friday or so? But you could be right.

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