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23 minutes ago, *Diana said:

Ya'll are so mean to me.


My last prediction was spot on tyvm and I did great in the prediction game last year so sush

Awww we're just playing. :hug: I love your predictions. ❤️ 


This IS very true. :yes: 

23 minutes ago, *Amanda said:

Yes! Hopefully, not having to fit in commercial breaks will help with the time management thing. :haha: 

Ah yeah I was thinking this too. With them getting 2 full hours, they'll have more time to do everything, like Strictly as they don't have commercials either. :yes: 

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Here are all of the GMA cast reveals and interview from earlier today for those that didn't get to watch them! It's so fun seeing and getting to know all of the cast through here!








And then some other fun behind the scenes moments....




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A list of the partnerships, including a brief summary of each celebrity.
Britt and Daniel Durant (32 - born deaf to deaf parents, actor)
Cheryl and Sam Champion (61 - weather anchor, meteorologist)
Daniella and Joseph Baena (24 - son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilder, realtor, actor)
Emma and Trevor Donovan (41 - actor, model)
Koko and Vinny Guadagnino (34 - actor, author, BA in political science, 6th place on The Masked Dancer in 2021)
Peta and Jason Lewis (51 - actor, model)
Witney and Wayne Brady (50 - comedian, television personality, actor, singer, winner of The Masked Singer season 2 in 2019 as Fox)
Alan and Jessie James Decker (34 - country pop singer)
Artem and Heidi D'Amelio (50 - mother of Dixie and Charli, social media personality, photographer, model, personal trainer)
Brandon and Jordin Sparks (32 - singer, actress, winner of American Idol season 6 at age 17)
Gleb and Shangela (40 - actor, drag performer, singer)
Louis and Cheryl Ladd (71 - actress, singer)
Mark and Charli D'Amelio (18 - social media personality, described as TikTok's biggest star, began dancing at age 3, competitive dancer for over 10 years before starting her social media career in 2019)
Pasha and Teresa Giudice (50 - television personality, cookbook author, bodybuilder)
Sasha and Selma Blair (50 - actress, gymnast, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2018)
Val and Gabby Windey (31 - NFL cheerleader, ICU registered nurse, 2022 The Bachelor season 26 co-runner-up, 2022 The Bachelorette season 19 co-lead)
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8 hours ago, Alex95 said:

16 person cast and not a single athlete?! That's insane! I guess Joseph kinda as a bodybuilder?

I’m surprised about this. I thought they’d at least get a football player after not having one last season. Or someone who competed in the Winter Olympics.

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1 minute ago, *Lily said:

Everything I have learnt about Jessie James Decker has been against my will. I’m shocked she hasn’t been on this show until now!

I'm shocked too, because she seems like someone that would have totally been on the show years ago. :lmao: 


Same with Teresa Giudice, but we've already talked about that. :haha: 

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I'm not as nervous about such a large cast with the show going to Disney+ and having no commercials. Hopefully they will be able to work around it a little better (although I will miss Tyra always forgetting she needs to go to break and randomly shouting it before a couple is about to get their scores)

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1 hour ago, *Amanda said:

Ugh I feel like we might be stuck with Jessie for a while if the country music community rallies behind her like they did with B*bby/Lauren/Jimmie. 🙂 

She doesn’t have the same weight in country music as those three though, so that’s the positive. 

As long as the Aldeans don’t post about it, we could be in for a short time. And expecting her to milk being married to a football player esp with no athlete on the season 


Alan is fairly popular too which might contribute to them. 

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