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Redo Your Least Favorite Eliminations


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First one that came to mind was Season 18's semi finals. I know lots of us were going through it that day 💀 also Season 20 semi finals results sucked just as much tbh, but I personally still had faves in the finale so it wasn't that bad


IfI had it my way:


Season 18:


Team Kelly

PV: Micah


Team Legend

PV: Zan


Team Nick

PV: Allegra


Team Blake

PV: Toneisha


IS: Megan, Cammwess, Thunderstorm, Todd, Joanna

IS Winner: Thunderstorm (or Cam but I remember not really living for his semis performance)




Season 20


Team Kelly

PV: Gihanna


Team Legend

PV: Pia


Team Nick:

PV: Dana


Team Blake

PV: Cam


IS: Corey, Kenzie, Victor, Rachel, Jordan

IS Winner: Victor or Rachel depending on my mood, but "Freedom" by Victor in the finale was one of the best things we got out of that season so I'll go with him

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The Voice Season 16 Playoffs



Dexter Roberts


Jej Vinson

Kalvin Jarvis

Shawn Sounds

Maelyn Jarmon

Presley Tennant

Gyth Rigdon (he actually did good this round)


Blake SAVES Kendra

Kelly SAVES Rebecca

John SAVES Lisa

Adam SAVES Domenic


LB Crew picks JOHN

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