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Weekly Rank the Houseguests: BB24


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1. Taylor - The most incredible underdog story I've seen on any RTV competition show. Taylor is very likable and easy to root for. She was the clear star of BB24. Taylor winning the season (especially after everything she went through) is so satisfying and well-deserved. 

2. Joseph - Joseph is such a genuinely nice guy - one of the nicest guys to ever be on the show along with Jason Guy and Donny. Despite some chaotic gameplay, he was a great player with a strong social game. I think he could do well with a second chance.

3. Indy - I did like Indy initially, but her mean comments were disappointing. At least she apologized to Taylor, and it seems sincere. She was funny on the show, and I liked her better than most of the cast.

4. Michael - Great competitor, and I appreciate how he continued to fight hard throughout the DE until the very end. 

5. Brittany - Her game was kind of messy, but I don't dislike her.

6. Jasmine - She was one of my least favorites at first, but I'll admit she won me over after #MuffinGate. She did end up being kind of amusing.

7. Ameerah - Default ranking.

8. Turner - Sometimes I liked him. Sometimes I didn't. I'll just place him here.

9. Alyssa - Zingbot said it best in regards to Alyssa.

10. Monte - His gross comments about Taylor was very disappointing. 

11. Pooch - Lol at how "Pooching yourself" became a phrase.

12. Nicole - These last few spots are kind of interchangeable. I guess I'll place her here.

13. Kyle - :rolleyes: at how people treated him like a little kid regarding his racist thoughts. He's almost 30.

14. Paloma - She was a mean girl.

15. Terrance - Not a fan.

16. Daniel - Easy choice for last place.

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1.Taylor (A queen and the face,sword & victor of the season.)

2.Joseph (The heart & shield of this season)

3.Michael (One of the few I can tolerate now)

4.Indy(She flew up because at least she did apologize to Taylor & it seems sincere.)

5.Turner (At least when he hated someone,he hated them with every fiber of his being.)

6.Jasmine (One of the mean girls,however she was kinda comic relief during her last week which is why she's here)

7.Brittany (Honestly at the end season I couldn't stand her however I dislike the others more)

8.Pooch (The least awful prejuror)

9.Ameerah (One of the OG mean girls & some of comments rubbed me the wrong way)

10.Alyssa (Her saying she was a really good friend to Taylor when she was one of the first ones to push the hate on Taylor,along with her evil twin)

11.Terrance (Very nasty,hating Crockpot old man)

12.Nicole(I think she is remorseful & embarrassed of what she did to Taylor.However public bullying deserves a personal AND public apology)

13.Kyle (Very nasty racist man)

14.Monte ( This is sad because at one point in the game,I did really like him.After Week 11? that's when he started to show his true colors again.Him saying that he would've been harsher with Taylor over headphones???.Nah,freak Him)

15.Daniel (Just a very nasty,horrible & ugly person all around.However last place makes me so angry which is why he's here)

16.Paloma (The starter of it all.The Head Of The Snake.Extremely unbearable & the fact that she claimed Taylor bullied her on that tiktok.Very,Very Nasty Woman.)

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Now that I've had time to sit with the houseguests for a little bit...


1. Taylor - Duh. Just one of the most legendary storylines in reality show history. I think she was a bit too TV Ready at times for my liking, but I'm nitpicking. She's just amazing.

2. Brittany - I think my assessment of her as a second or third boot who somehow snuck into the final four is pretty accurate. She was on the verge of being a complete mess all season, reigned in by Michael. But after Michael left, she was off to the races and it was a glorious sight to behold. Also randomly good at competitions? I would've loved to see her as an HOH lmao.

3. Jasmine - Jasmine's just classic Big Brother fun. Delusional, no self-awareness, a pathological liar. Jasmine bringing a cane into the pool is the funniest thing I've ever seen.

4. Michael - Very gamebotty the first half of the season but when the tides turned against him after the split house twist, oh boy did he get messy. Maybe a bit too messy at times, but his double eviction performance is my favorite moment of the season behind Taylor's final speech and solidified myself as a fan.

5. Joseph - He's a nice guy. Definitely not some top-tier character but yeah...nice guy. I enjoyed him gamebotting actually. Talking a million miles an hour to people for hours on end as they stared at him like 👁️👄👁️. Hopefully he truly cares for Taylor and isn't just using her for clout.

6. Indy - She ended up just being irrelevant, but she had her moments. I wish we got to see her light-hearted side more, she just seemed truly miserable in there. Glad to see her being one of the few to take accountability post season.

7. Turner - Sucked as Pooch's lapdog, amazing as Joseph's lapdog, sucked as Kyle's lapdog, good as Monte's lapdog. Mixed feelings on him now as Taylor & Joseph's lapdog as it feels like the classic case of jumping on the fan fave's clout. He doesn't have a mind of his own whatsoever. But I find myself liking him? Idk I just think I'd have a good time chilling with him. I think he's gonna age poorly for me, but at least he has #Muffingate.

8. Ameerah - So much potential, decent candidate for some sort of second chance pre-jury season. I don't think she's a terrible person, just got caught up in the game a bit too much. I feel like she's trying to disappear post-show which I appreciate.

9. Alyssa - I do find Alyssa kind of amazing with how she is such a nobody, yet single-handedly created and destroyed the Leftovers without even knowing it. She is the driving force of the season thanks to ten seconds on a pool floatie. Too bad she's a completely worthless personality, I can't even ironically stan.

10. Pooch - He came, he was homoerotic, he probably would've been more problematic had he lasted longer, and then he left. Fascinating.

11. Kyle - Definitely one of the problematic houseguests I'm at least interested in from a sociological standpoint. From his upbringing to his relationships to his flameout. There's a lot to discuss and a lot to observe. Following Taylor's lead on this and gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and hope he puts in the work post-show. I'm not banking on it whatsoever though.

12. Monte - He cycled between gamebotty, annoying, and awful. Had a few good moments here and there, but just not nearly enough to cancel out all the bad. Starting and ending the season on a bad note is probably the worst you can do because that's what sticks in my head the longest.

13. Paloma - That first night of Paloma on the feeds I thought we had a legend in our midst. But then she literally never stopped. Then it got scary. I'm so glad she left when she did. I might've ranked her higher and showed her more grace if she wasn't so awful postshow. I know that house was rough on her, but take an ounce of accountability, please.

14. Terrance - Similar to Big D from last season, there's a few REALLY funny moments that came from him I want to like him! But hooooooly shit does the bad outweigh the good. Just completely worthless. And campaigning against Taylor on Kyle's eviction week was just the final nail in his coffin for me.

15. Nicole - Awful, see you never.

16. Daniel - Some Evel Dick wannabe, definitely one of my least favorite houseguests in the history of Big Brother. Not a single redeeming quality there. Please fade into irrelevance forever now.

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12 rankings overall!


Overall (+/- from pre-show):

1. Taylor Hale (=) - 1.6

2. Joseph Abdin (+5) - 2.4

3. Michael Bruner (=) - 3.6

4. Brittany Hoopes (-2) - 5.1

5. Jasmine Davis (+3) - 6.5 (Higher than Indy 8/12 times)

6. Indy Santos (=) - 6.5 (Higher than Jasmine 4/12 times)

7. Matthew Turner (+9) - 7.5 (Higher than Ameerah 8/12 times)

8. Ameerah Jones (-3) - 7.5 (Higher than Turner 4/12 times)

9. Alyssa Snider (+3) - 9.0

10. Monte Taylor (-1) - 9.3

11. Pooch Pucciarelli (=) - 10.0

12. Kyle Capener (+3) - 11.5

13. Nicole Layog (+1) - 12.6

14. Paloma Aguilar (-10) - 13.4

15. Terrance Higgins (-2) - 13.8

16. Daniel Durston (-6) - 15.8

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