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Big Brother 24


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8 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Don’t trust Monte, Jasmine, or Joseph, with the HOH. Hoping Michael, Ameerah, or Kyle might do the right thing. But ultimately…TAYLOR FOR HOH!!!

I don't even know who are all really aligned or what the right thing entails but yess to all of this! :dead: 

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5 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Ugh if only Taylor beat Jasmine there and she was in the final three with Ameerah and Michael 😭

UGH and if only Ameerah didn't get that wrong letter on the Final 3 round, it could have been Ameerah vs. Michael (as Jasmine came in last there). 😭

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As expected, Jasmine put up Taylor and Pooch as her noms.


Ewww at Jasmine's speech of wanting to honor Daniel's HoH to get Taylor out. :/ ALTHOUGH I guess I can't be tooo mad if this is some way to ensure Pooch feeling extra safe and to not give him any ideas that he's more of a target to go than he thinks. I'll try to think of it as that as she seems open to either going.

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19 hours ago, QueenKalie said:

I didn't realize the major networks aired that especially over their prime time shows. I also didn't realize they did the hearings at night how weird.

Yeah they did this sometime in June where all the major networks aired the hearings over their shows. Looks like this will happen again on Thursday.

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21 minutes ago, *Amanda said:

Now there’s apparently no eviction episode until Sunday. :dead: 

oh my god...I-I am going to be stressing for far too long about the possibility of people changing their minds and evicting Taylor :dead:

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