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Drag Race France !


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Bonjour, ladies ! 

Currently airing on France.tv Slash 🇫🇷 , WOW Presents+ 🇺🇸  & Crave 🇨🇦



drag-race-france-judges-1654186843.jpg?crop=0.633xw:0.582xh;0.202xw,0.0176xh&resize=1200:* Elips.jpg

NICKY DOLL (RPDR 12), DAPHNÉ BURKI, KIDDY SMILE (Ballroom Scene) || ELIPS (Bordeaux)



KamHugh.jpg LaBigBertha.jpg LaBriochee.jpg

KAM HUGH (Paris) || LA BIG BERTHA (Paris) || LA BRIOCHÉE (Palaiseau)


 LaGrandeDame.jpg LaKahena.jpg LolitaBanana.jpg


 LovaLadiva.jpg Paloma.jpg SoadeMuse.jpg

LOVA LADIVA (Toulouuse) || PALOMA (Clermont-Ferrand) || SOA DE MUSE (Saint-Denis)


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Episode 1 aired over the weekend, and a new episode should be out at some point tonight !

Really enjoyed the first episode (talent show), like majority of the queens, and Nicky's fashion are to die for.

Also Jean-Paul Gaultier and a former Miss Universe as guest judge for the 1st episode ? ICONIQUE!  You know what was even more iconic ? A Céline Dion lipsync;  LÉGENDAIRE! 

My ranking following Episode 1 :

  1. La Grande Dame : Favourite ! She's giving me winner energy, already. Favourite talent show performance and look, and really loved her runway look. 
  2. Soa de Muse : Easily my second favourite, so far ; Her and La Grande Dame are neck and neck. 
  3. La Big Bertha : Obsessed with her name. Her talent show was one of my favourite, and her runway look was fun and an interesting take on Gaultier. 
  4. Elips : She's quiet compare to the other queens but she seems like she could be a silent slayer. Thought her talent show was fun but that runway look ? Obsessed. 
  5. La Briochee: Really love her ! Her talent show was great, although the runway was not my favourite of the bunch. Can't wait to see more from her though.
  6. Paloma : Very underrated in the talent show. 
  7. Lolita Banana : Her drag is fun but not as polish as the other queens ; She's above Kam Hugh because I think she had a better episode overall. 
  8. Kam Hugh : I like Kam Hugh but she's giving me too much Aquaria/A'Whora/Sagittaria vibes. Her talent show was a choice, but she certainly redeemed herself with the runway.
  9. La Kahena : Lost in the shuffle, unfortunately. 
  10. Lova Ladiva : Definitely the weakest out of the bunch. She did bring it during the lipsync.
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Ranking follow Episode 2 !

  1. Paloma: Deserves all the praise in the world.
  2. La Grande Dame : She has the "je ne sais quoi" ; I am just amaze by her.
  3. La Big Bertha : Another queen that knows how to captivate our attention, although her runway look could have been better. 
  4. La Briochee : She was underrated this week. 
  5. Elips : She cracked me up in the skit when they were filming. 
  6. Soa de Muse : Not her best showing but I still think she did a good job ? 
  7. Lolita Banana : Runway look ? SHOOT. But I find her performance in the skit to be very overrated. 
  8. Kam Hugh : Constantly impressing me on the runway but her performance in the main challenge leave me wanting more.
  9. Lova Ladiva : Easily the weakest queen. Also keep your wig and clothes on. 
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16 minutes ago, jarmon said:

Finally finished Drag Race Espana and now catching up on Drag Race France!
I just finished the first episode and was very impressed.

My favourites are La Grande Dame, Kam Hugh and Soa de Muse at the moment!

I knew you’d love Kam Hugh - right up your alley :haha: 

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25 minutes ago, Elliott said:

This is Paloma slander.

Oooh I like her too. 


22 minutes ago, *Chris said:

Love her looks but she’s underwhelming in the main challenge for me. Still waiting to be wow’ed !

I've only watched episode 1 so far and I have to agree with you on that. I love her confessionals too.

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French queens really showed how it's being done - I think they all nailed the first category, did good with 2nd category, but some struggled with the design aspect.


And the queens turned it up during the lipsync ! 


  1. La Grande Dame : I don't think anyone can dethrone as my favourite. I personally think the win belongs to her.
  2. Paloma : She keep killing it, week after week.
  3. Kam Hugh : She finally showed up ! I don't think that she was the best of the week simply because I didn't care for Look 2 and it was too similar to her talent show. 
  4. La Big Bertha: There's something that I just enjoy about La Big Bertha, and she nailed 2 out of the 3 looks. Her first look?  EVERYTHING.
  5. Elips : Loved her first look, and I didn't think her last look was as bad as they made it seem ? She just need to look like she's enjoying herself. 
  6. Lolita Banana : She did good but her looks are kinda forgetable, in my opinion. I surprised that she pulled out that final look but I wasn't fan of the cut.
  7. Soa de Muse : Again, they were a bit too harsh on her but agreed that her last look was a tad bit too simple. 
  8. La Briochee : She did decent with the first two categories but her design wasn't super good. 


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Just now, jarmon said:

I'm so mad the site I watch Drag Race France on hasn't uploaded Episode 3 YET and Episode 4 is tonight PLUS Canada's Drag Race Premiere & All Stars 7 releases tomorrow so UGHHH SO MUCH DRAG RACE TO WATCH THIS WEEKEND

We love having so much Drag Race ! 

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1 minute ago, *Lily said:


I need to fit it in with All-Stars 7 and now Canada! (also Down Under but lol that can take a back seat for now)

AS7 is almost done I assume so you can wait then, I guess :haha: 

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  1. La Grande Dame: Finally her week! She did good in the reading challenge, nailed the snatch game from start to finish, and her runway look was stunning ; She finally gave them what they wanted.
  2. Paloma Faith Runway look could have been better but she's a star! That snatch game performance was A+.
  3. Soa de Muse What a comeback for Soa ! Nailed the reading challenge and snatch game, and loved her runway look.
  4. Elips: Her make-up was A+ in the snatch game, and she surprised. Loved her runway look too.
  5. La Big Bertha: Wasn't her week in the snatch game - felt he was playing himself. Her reading challenge performance was good though! And thought she did good oin the runway.
  6. Kam Hugh Look good but this was not her week. Everything we expected happened.
  7. Lolita Banana: I like her but she's my least favourite remaining. 
Edited by *Chris
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