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So You Think You Can Dance Season 17

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Damn James SLAYED!

I wonder if his gf is as good. She was ok but not as good as James


Keaton shocked me lolol I legit did not expect that either. He does not look like he can do contemporary that well and be that flexible damn. His body does not look like the body of a dancer :rofl:How did he do some of those moves???


That chacha was phenomenal. Ezra has GROWN, both in hotness and in dance. WERK! Alexis is one to watch.


Aww you can't help but love Beau but I expect them to say that was not good enough unfortunately, just not enough dance. Wow, I am shocked.


So the krumper chose a phenomenal song but I was not as into the dance, so I agree with the judges.


How the heck is she doing all that? How is she even standing? Damn gurl is more type A than me and my husband combined. I feel this girl could win, she has the story and the talent. Werk Zyisia!


Also I'm really happy there's only 3 audition shows. But does the Dancer's Dozen mean only 12 will make it to the finals?

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I wonder what he did.


also the comments about bringing back Nigel… are they from him? Because I don’t want Nigel back and I think most of IDF would agree


i propose Channing Tatum #magicmikepanel

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