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In honour of Kelly Clarkson’s time on the show


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While its not completely confirmed and I don't think she'll be gone for more than 1 or 2 seasons, I'll say that Kelly knows how to harness the potential in younger singers(teens mainly)


She has her order of importance and I don't see eye to eye on all her decisions(Plenty of those for sure) but she knows how to bring the energy in the panel. 


She is also the only coach(being female too, we know how Minivan is) to actually give Blake competition when it comes to song choices, contestants, strategy, etc. 


She's the only coach other than Blake, to win with country artists, something other coaches have tried and failed to do so.


She also took a trio to win, which seemed nearly impossible for "The Voice" not the "The Voices" :haha: 


May she take some rest and focus on her talk show or whatever, if she is truly not coming back for S22. 

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It’s not official but she probably isn’t coming back but everything is stacked against her not returning.


If she is coming back this can just be a “Kelly appreciation thread” lol


My favorite Kelly moments 


-Every time she liked a performance, stood up and started screaming. She’s so supportive/entertaining 


-“Kelly I’m gay”


-How well she worked with teenagers. Most seasons she was on one would make at least semis. 


-She did a good job a working with a variety of different genres. She’s ideal for soul artists, pop artists, and country artists 


-How invested she got in the contestants. This faded a bit over the past 3 seasons but all of her winners got a kick start on their career because of her. Brynn even lived her for a bit which is cool. Having her show was lucrative for contestants 



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Seeing her be so emotionally open and seeing how much music means to her is something I’ll really miss. Yes we have the comedy and charisma that she brings that will always be a highlight (“Kelly I’m Gay” followed by YAAAASSSS is forever one of the best moments of this show) but her raw moments made her such a real person to watch and made me appreciate her a lot. Seeing her tear up so many times, especially during Shadale’s performance of Impossible and Jershika’s performance of God Only Knows, really made me see her as someone who is passionate about music and what she did on the show. A wonderful coach and human being and I’m already excited to (hopefully) see her back in future seasons

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On 5/14/2022 at 10:13 PM, Someone648 said:

A great way to break it to those who don't follow the spoiler thread :haha:

It’s not really a spoiler anymore, its all over the news on Facebook 


and i heard it on my local virgin radio 

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I enjoyed her enthusiasm and the fact that she actually gave Blake competition. Can't say that I agreed with all of her choices and critiques but she has been a great coach all around.


And like I said previously, I don't think she will be gone for good.

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