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Rank the Top 7


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1. Nicolina



 2. Jay

3. Leah



4. Fritz



5. Huntergirl



8. Noah


ok it's about time for you to exit. 

7. Christian

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1. Leah Marlene (Amazing vocals and amazing artistry) 
2. Fritz Hager (Great vocals and great artistry)
3. HunterGirl (Depends on the performance for her in the vocals category: She has had amazing vocal moments, and bad vocal moments this season. However, she is very marketable and certainly has artistry)
4. Nicolina Bozzo (Great vocally, but has made many uninspiring song choices. This week showed me she is willing to take risks though. Hopefully we see her make even more risks in Top 7!) 
5. Noah Thompson (Very boring vocally, but he does have marketability and artistry to him unlike Jay/Christian)
6. Jay Copeland (He has his moments vocally, but his lack of artistry and uniqueness brings him down)
7. Christian Guardino (Can't stand him vocally or as an artist)

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Give her the trophy already

1. Leah



2. Nicolina

3. Fritz


I like them sometimes but...

4. Jay

5. Noah

6. Hunter


Just never been into him

7. Christian

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1. Leah Marlene. It is telling, both of how strong Leah's been and how strong last night's show was, that she could technically make my bottom three in a show that was going to eliminate three people and not fall from this spot.

2. Nicolina. Last Monday wasn't good for her, but Nicolina has otherwise been strong, and I'm pleasantly surprised that America has advanced her this far.

3-5. Huntergirl, Noah Thompson, Fritz Hager. Noah's been on a consistent upward trend, but might still trail slightly behind Hunter because his early performances bored me too much. Fritz is a bit inconsistent for me, but when he's on, as he was last night, he's really on. Huntergirl ended up getting the third place spot because her weakest performance was better than either of the two guys' weakest, but she's been backsliding a bit; these three are all really close.

6. Christian Guardino. Last night, he finally had the great performance I've been waiting for. Unfortunately for him, it still put him in the bottom half of the Top 10's performances, because almost everyone was on their game, with only one who was merely "good" (Huntergirl) and one who was bad. Being from the Northeast myself, I like Christian, but I feel like he doesn't have the upside of these other contestants.






7. Jay Copeland. Remember how I said there was only one bad performance last night? No, it wasn't any of the three eliminated contestants, and this isn't Jay's first misstep. Up until last night I'd been calling him "the king of inconsistency", with Lady K as the queen, but Lady K was already leaning slightly towards the side of "good" and put up another brilliant performance, while Jay was already leaning towards bad, and bombed. The fact that he was a wild card to the Top 14, which in the ABC era has usually meant a quick exit, makes his continued survival in the face of bad performances all the more baffling. Don't get me wrong, he's far from talentless. The "inconsistency" title means I have liked him, and while there was a Platinum Ticket winner I objected to, she left the competition of her own accord. (I did like most of Kenedi's performances in Hollywood and her Top 24 performance; it's just that the audition, which was the basis for the Platinum Ticket, I thought was awful and not even deserving of a golden ticket.) But if Jay's got enough fans to support him in the face of so many bad performances, why wasn't he in America's Top Ten?

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