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Is a Fritz Hager win inevitable?


Is a Fritz Hager win inevitable?  

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  1. 1. Is a Fritz Hager win inevitable?

    • Yep, he's winning season 20
    • No, someone else will win

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I don’t think it’s inevitable but he has a pretty good shot. He seems very sensitive which could hinder him but maybe he’s playing that up for the show? 😉


I do still think it’s between him, Noah and Huntergirl. 

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Y’all, Lady K might win this lol. Her performance has more views than even Noah and Fritz. I think her humble attitude and backstory are connecting with people, like Just Sam did. 

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1 hour ago, Mathacoo200315 said:

If he wins, would it be the first time someone has won who didn’t get all yeses in auditions?

Kris Allen did! I think the judges all but Simon were IFFY on him going to Hollywood. But that would be it. From my memory...

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I would stay away from The Lady K - Just Sam comparison.  She won, but the label dropped her shortly after that.  She is the only winner to never release an album.

If Noah wins, he will at least be a better Country winner than Chayce, who is not a true Country singer. 






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