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Emyrson Flora Fan Thread


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On 4/19/2022 at 2:37 AM, Milkitaaa said:

I didn’t notice her at first but now she’s growing on me a lot. I love her vibrato & her voice.


Congratulations to her on making it into Top 14 !!!

Yeah, I didn't notice her at first, either, but I just ran my "own personal CSAB" using the ratings I gave, and much to my surprise, she won it despite having to use projected ratings through three multi-song weeks and being forced to actually use her Wild Card night performance as a Wild Card performance instead of as her first projected rating.


But she was just that consistent (and also had the good fortune to have her weakest performance come in Top 20, where everyone was guaranteed at least a shot at a Wild Card). She came on strong, too--since CSAB rules state that a contestant's unused wild card performances stay unused if they're eliminated before they'd need them, she ended up leaving with the highest average of anyone who made the Top 11 IRL and among members of the Top 14, was only exceeded by someone who needed a Wild Card to get there, which Emyrson didn't.


So yeah, I definitely feel I overlooked her. I think I went into the voting rounds with a negative opinion of her because during the Hollywood Rounds, they did a "one stays one goes" where she was the one who stayed and I thought at the time that they'd made the wrong choice. So that was forever going to paint her as "doesn't belong there". But the thing about the youngest contestants is that they have the potential for the greatest growth arcs. And Emyrson left after her two best performances. She's one to watch out for.

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