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RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 7


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Super pumped! I feel like this is far from the best cast of winners that could have been assembled. Some of my absolute favorites (Violet, Bob, Alaska, Bianca etc) are missing, but this is still a fierce list of queens and I'm sure it will be fun to watch!


Initial rankings:


1. Raja - Legend. Auntie Raja is back! I hope she lasts all season long. One of my favorite queens of all-time, she dominated a season with a really strong cast and I'm really interested to see how she does on a newer season.

2. Monet X Change - She's really made a name for herself since her AS4 win and Monet is always such a joy to watch. Hoping she slays

3. Jaida Essence Hall - The essence of beauty! I have high hopes for her, she slayed a very competitive season so I think she will do well.

4. Jinkx Monsoon - I'm the most intrigued to see how Jinkx performs out of everyone. I know she is one of THE all time greats but I wonder how she does in a more modern era of Drag Race.

5. Yvie Oddly - Also very intrigued to see how Yvie does, especially because her season wasn't super competitive overall.

6. Shea Coulee - I'm sure she will do well.

7. The Vivienne - I think Viv could surprise. I wasn't a huge fan of hers on her original season but I do think she is very funny and could turn me into a fan this go-around. We'll see.

8. Trinity The Tuck - I used to be very high on Trinity but my love for her has faded tremendously and I found her AS4 run underwhelming. She looks amazing though in the promos.

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1 hour ago, #jeah said:

I’m not ready for a full season in real time of Elliott’s consistent bitching about Jinkx’s continued presence in the competition!

Ugh I'm not looking forward to this either. 😐 


57 minutes ago, *Chris said:

Glad Alaska didn't return ❤️ 

Lowkey same. 🙈

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