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Your Personal Top 12 (After Hawaii)


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1. Leah Marlene - Infinitely creative and artistic with the vocal chops to back up her personality


2. Nicolina Bozzo - One of the best vocalists in the competition. Knows how to build a performance.


3. Allegra Miles - Wonderful tone and interesting musical choices. Very warm TV personality as well.


4. Jacob Moran - Out of this world vocal range. If continues to show restraint like he did in Hawaii, he'll do wonders.


5. Sage - A captivating vocalist with a great alto tone. Also, the queen of little airtime.


6. Mike Parker - The last performance wasn't his best but he would do excellent with the right songs.


7. Lady K - Ditto with Mike.


8. Katyrah Love - I love her confidence and stage presence. Her vocals aren't anything to scoff at either.


9. Noah Thompson - I make jokes about him making it further than he should but I genuinely don't mind him. He's generic but good.


10. Hunter Girl - She's proven herself to very solid, I hope she'll be back to ballads now that upbeat is out of the way.


11. Emyrson Flora - I see the potential, I just hope she sticks to her lower/middle range. Most of her high notes are grating for me.


12. Tristen Gressett - Tbh I don't mind him being on the show either. He's a solid singer and I find his goofiness on stage entertaining.

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1) Fritz Hager

2) Jacob Moran

3) Cadence Baker

4) Leah Marlene

4) Mike Parker

5) Christian Guardino

6) Noah Thompson

7) Emyrson Flora

8 ) Hunter Girl

9) Tristen Gressett

10) Jay Copeland

11) Cameron Whitcomb

12) Elli Rowe


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So this was tough to do but here is what I currently have, in no particular order-


Nicolina, Cadence, Leah, Emyrson, Noah, Scarlet, Christian, Jay, Jacob, Lady K, Elli, Hunter


The hardest to cut for me were Katyrah and Sage, so I am easily swayed to put them in based on how next week goes.  IMO this is a very strong and musically diverse top 24 and we are going to see some brutal cuts!

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1. Noah Thompson

2. Leah Marlene

3. Cameron Whitcomb

4. Nicolina Bozzo

5. Lady K

6. Scarlet Ayliz

7. Tristen Gressett

8. Katyrah Love

9. Mike Parker

10. Emersyn Flora

11. HunterGirl

12. Cadence Baker

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(Going by who I like vocally, definitely not song choices.)


Nicolina Bozzo 

Christian Guardino 

Cadence Baker

Sir Blayke 

Lady K 

Ava Maybee 

Katyrah Love 

Jay Copeland


Mike Parker 


Allegra Miles

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1. HunterGirl

2. Fritz Hager

3. Katyrah Love

4. Nicolina 

5. Emyrson Flora

6. Elli Rowe

7. Jacob Moran

8. Cadence Baker

9. Leah Marlene

10. Tristen Gresset

11. Sage

12. Noah Thompson


My Number 13 would be Allegra but she’s got to start choosing better songs. 

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Our rankings so far-


1. Leah - 10 votes

2. Nicolina, Jacob, Hunter, Cadence- 9 votes

6. Sage, Noah, Emyrson- 8 votes

9. Allegra, Mike- 7 votes

11. Jay, Fritz, Christian- 6 votes


14. Lady K, Katyrah, Tristen, Elli- 5 votes

18. Scarlet- 3 votes

19. Blayke, Cameron, Ava- 2 votes

22. Danielle- 1 vote

23. Dan- no votes


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My real personal list would be all women, so I'll make this semi-personal and semi-realistic.



- Allegra Miles

- Ava Maybee

- Elli Rowe

- Hunter Girl

- Katyrah Love

- Leah Marlene

- Nicolina Bozzo



- Christian Guardino

- Fritz Hager

- Jacob Moran

- Noah Thompson

- Tristen Gressett

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1. Leah: Great vocalist with a creative edge plus a captivating personality 

2. Ava: Interesting and daring vocals, not one to be complacent

3. Nicolina: Her performances have all felt the same to me, but that said the performance is phenomenal 

4. Katyrah: Oversings a little bit, but the fact she can pull off the vocal choices she chooses is impressive nonetheless 

5. Lady K: Worried about her ability to choose songs for herself, but other than Hawaii, she's been one of the best vocalist

6. Sage: TBD contestant, we haven't heard a lot, but I like what I hear

7. HunterGirl: The hype of the platinum tickets originally turned me off, but girl is good. Not sure she's my type of contestant but talent cannot be denied

8. Emyrson: Dark horse, slight pitch issues but always interested to hear what she's doing

9. Elli: Really pretty voice, but bandzilla might ruin her from here on out

10. Mike: Not sure I buy the country thing, but I do buy the vocals

11. Danielle: Connects emotionally really well (to me) but vocals can be inconsistent

12. Scarlett: Love her tone, but her song choices have been pretty terrible


Why I'm not into the others

13. Allegra: Really interesting artist but inconsistent pitch and a total lack of annunciation keeps me off the bandwagon

14. Christian: Not denying his vocal talent, but there's a sheen of insecurity to him that makes him oversing

15. Noah: His tone isn't my thing and some minor pitch issues, but I respect his risk taking

16. Sir Blayke: He's fairly forgettable, but he emotes nicely

17. Fritz: I respect how badly he wants this and I see his heart, I just don't see his pitch control

18. Jacob: I find his tone shrill

19. Cadence: This was the girl everyone was so hyped on? Kimberly and Hannah didn't even raise an eyebrow to her Hawaii cover

20. Jay: It's giving cruise ship singer

21. Dan: Loved his audition, but not experienced enough

22. Tristen: Find his whole schtick to be contrived, Allison Iraheta is how teenager can rock, not this getup act

23. Cameron: Inability to listen to mentors plus sporadic stage presence makes me wonder if he's a joke contestant

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11 minutes ago, jarmon said:

1. Nicolina Bozzo

2. Emyrson Flora

3. Ava Maybee

4. Allegra Miles

5. Cadence Baker

6. Danielle Finn

7. HunterGirl

8. Leah Marlene

9. Lady K

10. Cameron Whitcomb

11. Fritz Hager

12. Elli Rowe

I was gonna say Jarmon with taste finally but then I saw Elli below Cameron and I changed my mind :giggle:

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1. Dan 

2. Mike 

3. Christian 

4. Jacob 

5. Noah  

6. Fitz 




1. Hunter 

2. Allegra 

3. Lady K 

4. Leah 

5. Scarlet 

6. Danielle

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1. Nicolina Bozzo

2. Danielle Finn

3. Emyrson Flora

4. Tristen Gressett

5. Katyrah Love

6. Leah Marlene

7. Fritz Hager

8. Elli Rowe

9. Lady K

10. Jay Copeland

11. Christian Guardino

12. Allegra Miles

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With Kenedi gone, here's my personal Top 12:


1.  Nicolina -- best vocalist of the bunch.

2.  Allegra -- my new favorite.

3.  Emyrson -- this was her best performance yet.

4.  Katyrah -- I love her and especially loved her last performance!

5.  Lady K. -- she's still one I really like.

6.  Elli -- I'm glad she did well for her first performance that we could vote on.

7.  Fritz -- best of the white guys with guitars.  Which of course, isn't saying much.

8.  Huntergirl -- not my favorite girl but she's doing better than Jay.

9.  Jacob -- he's one of the best male vocalists but his wailing put me off a bit.

10.  Jay -- I think that he can squeak into the Top 12 but his star is fading fast.

11.  Sage -- I still like her even if I think that she won't get into the Top 12.

12.  Mike -- best of the country guys.  Which isn't saying much.

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1. Nicolina Bozzo- queen. "She Used To Me Mine" was amazing, "everything i wanted" was incredible, "Rolling In The Deep" was great, "Elastic Heart" is my least favorite, but still managed to be my 2nd favorite of the Top 24. 


2. Emyrson Flora- Love her. Her performance of "Honey" is my guilty pleasure of the season, and her "Angels Like You" performance was my favorite performance of the Top 24


3. Ava Maybee- Love her. This is unpopular but her "Roxanne" is in my Top 5 performances of this season and i really enjoyed her "Tell Me Something Good" performance. 


4. Lady K- Her audition was my favorite of the season and her performance of "I'd Rather Go Blind" was amazing, i wish they didn't keep cutting the middle of it to go to her speaking to the judges though lol. I didnt think her Top 24 was as bad as some of you, but i hope she gets a better song choice next round. 


5. Jay Copeland- Loved his audition, and his performance of "Jar of Hearts". I also loved the OPENING to "I Want You Back", but be lost it for me the  second it went upbeat. 


6. Cadence Baker- Loved her audition, never really fell in love with her performances in Hollywood week as much as i did with her audition, but she SLAYED "Somethings Got A Hold On Me". 


7. Katyrah Love- Wasnt a fan of her audition, but she SLAYYYYYED "Saving All My Love", Sweet Thing", and "Blame It On The Boogie". Saving All My Love is my favorite though


8. Fritz Hager- Took me a while to become a fan but i love his tone, especially on "Unsteady". Honestly, if he sings "when the partys over ", with the guitar, and crys.... he wins. 


9. Leah Marlene- Love her tone. I love her performance of "S8ter Boy", it's my favorite from her, and i wasnt a fan of "Call Me" until she hit that big note, everything after that I loved.


10. Allegra Miles- Love her. Loved the 10 second audition montage, and the beginning of "Adore You". I also liked "Adore You" when it went upbeat, but the begging, when she took it slow was amazing. 


11. Sage-I love her audition, and the 5 seconds of "I Hate This", and i really liked "Jolene". 


12. Tristen Granset- I like Tristen, don't love him. I really liked "With A Little Help From My Friends", although i wish his voice got bigger in the chorus, but she stage presence is AMAZING. 

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