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American Idol S20 Top 24 @ Disney's Aulani Resort in Hawaii Part 1 Discussion


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Been rewatching the performances and here are some thoughts:


- Jacob really impressed me, I thought he was going on a downward spiral after Hollywood week but he proved me wrong. I still have Nicolina as #1 but Jacob is close.


- Sage is better than I remember her being, I hope she makes it through.


- I'm starting to appreciate Emyrson a little more, but I really can't with the strained upper register. If it was given time to fully develop, I could see myself loving her.

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My thoughts and ranking:


Jay: started off well, but he did too much imo; vocally talented; the screaming at the end made me both laugh and cringe; good stage presence

Elli: pretty voice but her performance didn’t do much for me

Tristen: I liked this a lot more than last night actually lol; his presence was great and the vocals weren’t too bad

Scarlet: didn’t sound as flat as last night; I thought she did too much though

Sage: loved some parts (beginning and end mainly); didn’t like other parts

Danielle: started off great but went significantly downhill after the first chorus; she needs to stick to softer notes

Mike: love his tone; didn’t like the song choice; still want him to go through; hope he diversifies his genre choice a bit

Emyrson: a few strained high notes, but I still loved this performance as I really like her vibrato and tone

Dan: generic; I liked his audition more

Jacob: technically one of the best of the night; I don’t really like his tone though; he would do better on The Voice

HunterGirl: generic; her audition was way better

Nicolina: best of the night, but I wanted even more for some reason; still excellent














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22 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

Elli was very good and I threw her votes on both the American Idol app and with the American Idol voting second online site, but there might be better later on.



whats  the app?

22 hours ago, MargoK said:

He reminds me so much of Constantine but not as good.

Same, though I was never a Constantine fan

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1 minute ago, Solaris said:

So this is my first time tuning in this season really. I had two standouts.



Nicolina is fantastic, and banjogirl is basically going to win right?  

Hunter Girl has a good shot at wining. But I think the 2 guys that are competiting tonight, Fritz and Noah have the best shot of winning. 

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