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American Idol S20 Showstopper/Final Judgment Discussion


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Just tuning into the show right now.


- Wasn't really crazy about Leah's performance. It did feel very guitar driven with the vocals taking a backseat but not surprised she made it through. She's talented but not a big favorite of mine.

- I thought Jay delivered a great performance of "Jar of Hearts." He delivered an outstanding vocal. His performance was more theatrical than I imagined but I thought he had good emotion to it. OMG wow.... Katy delivered a GREAT fakeout of his journey ending, where I legit thought his journey was ending. :dead:

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32 minutes ago, QueenKalie said:

Ryleigh & Emyrson are 2 I think could be good in the future but at 16 they just aren't quite there yet.

Agreed with this. :yes: 

32 minutes ago, m1key said:

Ryleigh reminds me of Layla Spring a bit now that I think of it 

Oooh I can totally see that too.

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