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American Idol S20 Auditions 5 Discussion


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Tobias has a really good voice and I like him. He seems like the total package of singer/entertainer/performer so I look forward to seeing more of what he has to offer.


Although shame on him for not knowing the words to "Uptown Funk!" 🙂 😐 

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15 minutes ago, QueenKalie said:

idol forums with a dead idol chat how embarrassing.  :dead:


12 minutes ago, m1key said:

ikr why is nobody here plss 😭 manfesting this changes for Hollywood Week when the competition picks up pace

This is kind of how Mondays are like here. 🙈 It's also the first Monday so many people may not remember the episode is on as well?


The threads will likely pick up whenever the live shows/Top 24 starts.

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