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S20 Audition 4 - Favorite Performance


Best Performance  

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  1. 1. Who gave ur favorite Performance

    • Zareh - Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan
    • Thomas Moran - Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin/River by Leon Bridges
    • Lydia Samuel - Big White Room by Jessie J
    • Sam Moss - My Mind by Yebba/Original Song
    • Kenzie Elizabeth - I'm With You by Avril Lavigne
    • Fritz Hagar - Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi
    • Kevin Gullage - That's How Strong my Love Is by Otis Redding/ Jambalya on the Bayou by Hank Williams
    • Charvonay - In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins
    • Jacob Moran - Rise by Katy Perry
    • Haley Slanton - The Climb by Miley Cyrus/One and Only by Adele
    • Elli Rowe - Give You Blue by Allen Stone
    • Daniel Marshall - The Dance by Garth Brooks
    • Douglas Mills Jr - Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday

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I've been lurking in this forum since the spoilers start trickling in, and when the artist lists came out, one name stood out to me: Jacob Moran. And I'm glad to say his audition did not disappoint. He's giving me Mitch Grassi vibes with that voice. Hope he goes far.

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Here are my rankings of the 12 singers whom we saw audition (I didn't see enough of Lydia to judge her):


1.  Kevin -- best audition this round.

2.  Elli -- best of the girls in this round of auditions.

3.  Douglas -- I'm glad that he auditioned, as he quieted all of his bullies.

4.  Jacob -- very good but his voice just isn't my cup of tea.  Especially with all that wailing.

5.  Fritz -- better than Noah or Dan but wanting to be like Phillip Phillips brings back nightmares of Season 11.

6.  Haley -- she needed a little help to get to Hollywood, but she's still talented.

7.  Za -- I love the song and I rooted for Nadia in her season, but Za could've been better.

8.  Dan -- he was pleasant and he might make the Top 24 but I don't think he'll get much farther.

9.  Sam -- good enough to get to Hollywood, but she needed a second chance.

10.  Kenzie -- she has a voice in there, but she's more a Broadway singer than a pop one.

11.  Thomas -- I think that he's a better performer than a singer.

12.  Charvonay -- I hated seeing her butcher a song I like!

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