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Weekly Rank the Survivors: 42


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Episode 12:

1. Maryanne (+2) - Holy shit what a move she pulled off. She protected herself from all angles flawlessly! She had multiple backup plans, but pulled off exactly the plan she wanted! Beyond impressed.

2. Romeo (+2) - I know I'm his only stan here but idc, I'm obsessed with this kid. The annoying cockroach who just won't die and just lays around eating everyone's rice whilst being a loyal soldier for Maryanne :wub:

3. Omar (+2) - Classy exit, great player, great guy. Would love to see him again!

4. Lindsay (-2) - Her burning hatred of Jonathan :wub:

5. Jonathan (+2) - I was fuming early on about how they kept him around but now I'm like...whocurr

6. Mike (=) - He doesn't listen to anyway besides Jonathan! So annoying!

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1. Maryanne - a flawless blindside and an idol still on her pocket? she's in it to win it!

2. Lindsay - the real comp beast queen of the season.


3. Omar - great way to exit. :thumbsup:

4. Romeo - he's non-existent but i love that he keeps on surviving. a goat to be carried on. :giggle:


tweedledum and tweedledumber

5. Mike - dumb for underestimating Maryanne and not listening to her plan, but it makes an even more powerful move for Maryanne for pulling it off, so thanks?

6. Jonathan - king of underestimating Maryanne since the start.

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10 rankings this episode!


Episode 12:

1. Maryanne Oketch (+1) - 1.0

2. Lindsay Dolashewich (+1) - 2.9

3. Omar Zaheer (+1) - 3.1

4. Romeo Escobar (+1) - 4.5

5. Mike Turner (+1) - 4.6

6. Jonathan Young (+1) - 4.9


Overall ranking will go until Wednesday, June 8th at 8 pm.

-Please no "strategic ranking" (this isn't a game, no need to rank a popular contestant you like low just because you wanna see someone you like more rank higher overall)

-Please don't edit your posts. I like adding up the rankings as I get them. If you feel you have to change something, just rank again and let me know that you're ranking again. I'll use everyone's final rankings in the tally at the end of the week.

-Please include all 18 Survivors in your rankings.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Weekly Rank the Survivors: 42 (Overall Ends 6/8 8pm)

Me trying to remember them all:


Confused Thinking GIF



1. Maryanne  - one of the best winner arcs, one of the best winners, and one of the best FTC speeches ever. she deserves it. historic win for the black community. :wub:

2. Drea - one of the most courageous, most feisty female players. I love how she single-handedly owned up the advantages this season. I can see her returning for another season.

3. Lindsay - the comp beast royalty of the season. Jonathan, whomst? I love how she shades Jonathan every time she gets. Hoping she gets another chance.

4. Omar - the mastermind. Had he not gone out, I truly believe he woulda swept in the FTC. Another one I can see on a future season.

5. Jenny - gone too soon. A second chance is a must for this queen.

6. Tori - she seems sweet and nice. She's also genuine, so there's that. I might've not liked her anti-vax views, but other than that she's a hell of a player.

7. Romeo - Ms. Survivor, indeed. A clutch goat.


8. Mike - gotta give props for what's it worth. He might've had it in the bag if he hadn't stumbled in the FTC.

9. Chanelle - I feel like she was under edited but I loved her personality.

10. Lydia - she was an icon on twitter, sadly on the game she was forgettable.

11. Hai - he was alright. He had the right motives, but wrong moves. lol.

12. Swati - same as Hai, she was right to target Drea but I'm glad she failed. :blargwave:

13. Rocksroy - he's only this high because he voted for Maryanne and he had a precious reaction to her win.


14. Jackson - gone too soon, but he's low because I genuinely forgot about him. 🥲

15. Marya - great story but super meh as a player.

16. Zach - his thing with Maryanne started out cute, but now it's getting tiring and unnatural.


17. Daniel - annoying.

18. Jonathan - I cannot not put this man here. He talked down a lot of women (borderline misogynist), he had 0 strategy, and his Mr. Jeff thing is f***ing annoying. He will surely be on The Challenge or another season though, his thing with Jeff is insufferable.


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1. Maryanne   

2. Mike 

3. Omar 

4. Hai 

5. Lindsay 

6. Drea 

7. Romeo

8. Tori 

9. Jenny 

10. Jonathan 

11. Rocksroy 

12. Lydia 

13. Chanelle 

14. Marya 

15. Zach 

16. Swati 

17. Jackson

18. Daniel 

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1. Maryanne   
2. Drea 
3. Tori 
4. Omar 
5. Lindsay 
6. Hai
7. Jonathan 
8. Chanelle 
9. Mike 
10. Jenny 
11. Romeo
12. Lydia 
13. Rocksroy 
14. Jackson
15. Swati 
16. Marya 
17. Zach 
18. Daniel 

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1. Drea

2. Hai

3. Maryanne

4. Tori

5. Lindsay

6. Omar

7. Lydia

8. Jenny

9. Jonathan

10. Romeo

11. Jackson

12. Marya

13. Swati

14. Chantelle

15. Rocksroy

16. Zach

17. Daniel

18. Mike

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1. Drea

2. Maryanne

3. Lindsay

4. Omar

5. Chanelle

6. Romeo

7. Tori

8. Mike

9. Jenny

10. Lydia

11. Hai

12. Jackson

13. Marya

14. Swati

15. Rocksroy

16. Zach

17. Jonathan

18. Daniel













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Okay now that I let everyone age a little bit



1. Maryanne - Modern day legend. The perfect coming of age Survivor story. Her FTC is gonna go down in herstory. Obsessed.

2. Lindsay - A slow burn character, but one I really fell in love with by the end. Her fiery hatred of Jonathan was glorious.

3. Romeo - The modern day Sherri! Running the premerge and then a hilarious goat in the postmerge. Existed to help amazing women thrive!

4. Omar - One of the most likable "mastermind" characters in a loooooooooong time. Please steal Rick Devens returnee spot!

5. Drea - I have not been keeping up with the post-season tea at all, but I've heard through the grapevine that she's in some controversy so I'm a little 👀. But from the show she was a very interesting and complex character.

6. Chanelle - Fun and rootable underdog!

7. Lydia - Lydia's twitter presence >>>>>>>>. I liked her on the show, but not love.

8. Tori - Pre-merge Tori was a legend. Post-merge Tori was kinda just there, but the immunity wins were impressive.

9. Jenny - Robbed queen! SC2 please!

10. Rocksroy - Very old school character, which you gotta take the good and the bad with.

11. Mike - He's a nice guy. Not a character I particularly care for, but a fine guy.

12. Jackson - His story was amazing and I'm sad it ended the way it did.

13. Marya - I gotta be honest I don't remember her at all.

14. Zach - Served his purpose, fun as Maryanne's fake boyfriend, could've been insufferable if he lasted longer.

15. Swati - I don't remember why she annoyed me, but I know she did.

16. Hai - I loved him early on, but after his big move at Jenny's boot he took a major nosedive. Very "modern Survivor" character. All about the ~resumes~ and Big Movez. And just kinda stank and unlikable.

17. Daniel - Lolpwnt.

18. Jonathan - Nope.

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Sorry for completey forgetting about this! I'll keep this open through the weekend post the final results on Monday so this is your official last call!


@*Chris seems to be the only one we're missing who consistenly ranked throughout the season, but anyone else who watched has through the weekend.

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  • Alex95 changed the title to Weekly Rank the Survivors: 42

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