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s20 Auditon 1: Favorite Performance


Who was the best  

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  1. 1. Who was the best

    • Noah Thompson - Giving You Up by Kameron Marlowe
    • Normandy Proud Mary by Tina Turner and Set Fire to The Rain by Adele
    • Nicolina Bozzo She Used to Be Mine by Sara B
    • Tyler Allen I Believe in You and Me by Whitney Houston
    • Maddie Glidewell Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson
    • Camryn Champion I'm Not the Only One by Sam Smith
    • Danielle Finn Mirror by Madison Ryann Ward
    • Grace Franklin Killing Me Softly by Lauryn Hill/Ain't No Way by Aretha Franklin
    • Hunter Girl Riot by Rascal Flatts
    • Cole Hallman Lodi by CCR
    • Delaney Renee Opportunity by Sia
    • Taylor Jalen Fagins We Need More by Himself

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My favorite

1a. Taylor Jalen Fagins - How emotional and surreal and I'm glad that he used this platform to share his voice. That was the most powerful audition I've seen in a while.

1b. NICOLA - I can see her winning honestly. I'm kind of confused as to why she didnt get the Platinum Ticket.



2. Hunter Girl - When she went up a half key, it was great. I can see her going far, but I think she's being a little overhyped by the judges. Idk if her audition was Platinum worthy but hopefully she proves me wrong. She is still really good though!

3. Tyler Allen - Great stuff.

4. Noah Thompson - That rasppppp is everything.

5. Delaney Ree

6. Cole Hallman\

7. Normandy


freak Montages

8. Danielle

9. Camryn Champion


High Potential

10. Grace Franklin - I agree with Lionel, but I do wish she was given another chance at Hollywood.


Love your attitude, but come back next year

11. Maddie G



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1. Hunter 

2. Noah 

3. Danielle 



1. Tyler Allen

2. Nicolina

3. Delany 

4.. Cole

5. Normandy


That was a powerful performance by Taylor but with everything going on now with Russia, they never should have aired that

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Ranking People Who Went Through

1. Nicolina 

2. Danielle Finn

3. Hunter Girl

4. Taylor Fagins

5. Delaney Renee

6. Cole Hallman

7. Tyler Allen

8. Noah Thompson

9. Camryn Champion

10. Normandy


Camryn and Normandy were the only truly weak ones IMO. Noah, Tyler, and Cole were all good in their own right but a bit too generic for my taste. I enjoyed all of the other 5. Wish they didn't montage Danielle because her tone sounded amazing in that clip where she started BELTING! 

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My picks:


1.  Nicholina -- she had the best audition this round.

2.  Huntergirl -- country isn't my cup of tea but she's a fine performer.

3.  Danielle -- once she changed the key, she was great.

4.  Taylor -- best of the guys but I wonder how he'll do on covers.

5.  Cole -- better than Noah but he needs more performance skills.

6.  Delaney -- very good but not the best audition.

7.  Noah -- mediocre but lack of confidence may be part of the reason.

8.  Tyler -- he should have chosen a different song, but he was good enough. 

9.  Camryn -- she was struggling in her audition, but did well enough to move on.

10.  Grace -- she's got a lot of potential, she's just too green.  She needs a couple more years.

11.  Normandy -- she barely got through.  I predict she's a goner in the first Hollywood round.

12.  Maddie Belle -- she had lots of personality, just not as much talent.

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Best vocals :Nicolina 

Who I would listen to the most Hunter girl 


I love big and powerful voices like Nicolina but hunter’s voice just cuts through . NGL for me Hunter and Nicolina were equally amazing and had mg fave auditions, it is just that I prefer Nicolina’s big vocals more but at the same time I prefer hunter’s tone more

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My thoughts/review on Episode 1 contestants (Favorite to Least Favorite) Also, I felt bad for Grace Franklin because you can tell how badly she wanted this, but she was clearly not ready.


Have the most potential

1. Nicolina Bozzo - I was just speechless. She was on pitch and singing like an angel. How does this girl not have a recording contract already? She doesn’t need American Idol. That’s how good she is.

2. Tyler Allen - His story was heartbreaking. You could really feel his pain when he sings. I can see him going far. If I had to give one tiny critique, it would be that he started the song, he was a little off pitch, but he fixed it.

3. Hunter Girl - She’s got a nice rasp to her voice and reminds me of Miranda Lambert. Very pretty country singing voice for sure.

4. Cole Hallman - I liked him. His voice is pleasant, but not distinctive. He is similar to Laine Hardy, but he has his own style when it comes to singing where I see the differences between the two. If I had to critique him, it would be that his voice cracked at the end. Also, he did way better singing with his sister than he did by himself. I think that made him way more comfortable and allowed him to shine. I can see him go far.
5. Taylor Fagins - He’s a good singer. You can’t deny that. The song wasn’t perfect, but it was heartfelt and I feel lots of people will resonate with his song. He had a great falsetto. Overall, an excellent and powerful performance. I can see him go far in the competition.

6. Noah Thompson - He was good. I like him. He has an authentic raspy sound to his voice. My only hope is he doesn’t try too hard to become another Chayce Beckham. My one critique for him is that he needs to work on his pronunciations when he sings. Because having an enunciation problem as a singer is not good.

7. Danielle Finn - It was a decent audition, but not the best. She’s got the voice and potential though. I think she will do even better during Hollywood Week and surprise many people.

8. Delaney Renee - Her tone and phrasing were very beautiful. My only critiques of her is that she sounded too youthful when singing and she didn’t show enough grit, attitude, or power in the voice when she did in that viral video when she was babysitting.


Can see crash and burn in Hollywood Week

  1. Normandy - She literally sounded like a baby when she was talking, but then she sounded great. I didn’t expect her to sound good at all. I thought she was going to be a joke contestant who sounded horrible when she sang. I think she relies too much on the gimmicks and I think it’s going to negative affect her chances of advancing far in Hollywood Week.
  2. Camryn Champion - She made it to Hollywood Week but had a lot of pitch problems. The judges had to help her several times before she finally got it. No other contestant was given as much help as she did and the judges are definitely coaching contestants this season. That is as clear as the light of day when you watch the episode. In Hollywood Week, the judges won’t be able to correct her pitch problems or get more of her voice to come out. I think this will make it hard for her to do well during Hollywood Week.

Worst audition of the episode:

  1. Maddie Belle Glidewell - It was just all over the place. It was pitchy and just off key. She was trying too hard to be like Carrie Underwood and Gabby Barrett. But the girl is not there yet.
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11 hours ago, kryptonite said:

#1 Danielle Finn (not sure why they didn’t show her whole audition or any story)


#2 Noah Thompson


#3 Nicolina 



Truthfully, if all of Danielle's audition had been shown, I might have put her as my favorite.  However, it wasn't, so I had to put Nicholina there instead.

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Didn't get to watch every audition but I'm putting my thoughts on the ones I did watch:


Nicolina - I mean, wow. Stunner. Easily the best audition shown in full. Interesting tone and diction as well.


Danielle Finn - We only saw a clip of her but she has my FAVORITE tone so far. I hope to see full performances from her in the next rounds.


Normandy - I didn't think she was that good. 


HunterGirl - I don't know what all the fuss was about. I like country singers but nothing about HunterGirl stood out too much for me.


Taylor Fagins - This was really nuanced and well-delivered. Curious to see what he does with a cover.

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