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Performances That Got A Lot Of Hate That You Actually Enjoyed?


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Chavon Rodgers- Drivers License 
Jim and Sasha- Hey Jude

Samuel Harness- So Sick

Devan Blake Jones- Shape of My Heart

Zae Romeo- When I Look At You

Andrew vs Raine- Adore You

Van Andrew- Behind The Blue Eyes

Micah Iverson- Butterflies

Todd Micheal Hall- Somebody To Love

Kat Hammock- Your Still The One

Shane Q- Can’t Take My eyes off you

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4 hours ago, Gustavo527 said:

I genuinely enjoyed her tone a lot on this one. Too bad it got so much hate when it aired.


I'm not a fan of her tone here, but I appreciate the performance in context regarding her battles showing to highlight her improvement. She sounded like a completely different person on "If the World Was Ending", much more mature and her voice was just lovely there. It was just a case of finding the right song.

I havent listened to her original material, but based on her run on the show, I think ballads suit her more than rock. 

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I can't believe this performance got a lot of hate when it aired (Idk how was received here and i don't care but a lot of the YouTube comments on the original video were brutal). This was great. And no, not great for her age, it was GREAT. Period :P

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