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What if s13 switched their top 3 with the 3 that were eliminated how would the season play out


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Top 12 E: Natalie 

Top 11 E: Whitney

Top 10 E: Adam Pearce and Lucas

Top 8 Bottom 2: Esera and Chris 

Top 8 IS E: Anthony and Hannah 

Finalist: Emily Luther, Karli Webster, Moriah Formica and Mitchell Lee 

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This would have certainly been an interesting Top 13 lol.


I think Chris, Moriah, Karli and Emily undeservingly went home based on what they did in the POs. I would have replaced some of them with some others that did make it, but it is what it is. As a rock fan, I enjoyed Adam P, but his PO wasn´t it, even though I loved the song choice.


As to who would win, I think Moriah and Mitchell would have been the Top 2, probably, taking in account Minivan as well. Adam P could have probably gotten some votes from the rockers too. 

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Damn this is still a solid top 12 regardless :haha:

I think it would've gone somewhat like this


12. Whitney Fenimore (I don't think she would've had much of a shot going further, not for lack of talent but just everyone else has something else)

11. Esera Tuaolo (This was probably his ceiling. He's decent compared to most, but the rest of the group is much better)

10. Anthony Alexander (probably a bottom 2 escapee from the previous rounds. I think he's the least experienced of the whole group but wouldn't go home immediately)

9. Adam Pearce (The style could only take him this far I think)



8. Chris Weaver (Probably an undeserved 8th place/no shot for the final spot. Definitely deserved better.)

7. Natalie Stovall (I didn't hear anything in her voice that could propel her further and Blake could only carry her this far)


Presumed instant save contenders:

6. Hannah Mrozak (I don't feel like she would've had a shot at the finale, but I could've seen her outlasting the others.)

5. Lucas Holliday (I do think his style could've carried him this far and there were definitely people rooting for him to do well)


4. Emily Luther (I could see her being the best instant save possibility. Much more mature vocalist than others and she should've shined)

3. Karli Webster (appeals to many different groups, especially if she stayed doing older stuff. Hard competition though)

2. Mitchell Lee (solid run with crossover appeal, and clearly Blake's best candidate of his leftover 3.)

1. Moriah Formica (she had a LOT working in her favor and could've made semifinals/finals in the regular top 12. Miley going with Ashland over her was a big mistake.)


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