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Feb 17th Steifel Theater ~ Salina ~ Kansas


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Scotty McCreery at the Stiefel Theatre

February 17, 2022
8:00pm - 10:00pm

Buy tickets now to see country favorite Scotty McCreery perform at the Stiefel Theatre on Thurs., Feb. 17, 2022. McCreery’s new album Same Truck is available now everywhere music is sold. It contains his fourth consecutive No. 1 single “You Time” and the fan-favorite “Damn Strait,” the second single from the album impacting radio now


No Openers are listed for this show


Venue Info | Fox Performing Arts Center





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I assume Scotty was flying out this morning.  I thought Kansas City was the closest major airport.  Nope....it's Wichtia (half the distance).  There is service to Wichita with Delta via Atlanta.


However, a lot of flights were delayed or cancelled in Wichita.

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40 minutes ago, sinycalone said:

From a few things the venue posted on Facebook, Sandy....it doesn't appear that there is even a local opener.  They say Scotty will be on stage at 8 pm (CT).

Have seen nobody advertised as an opener so i think you are right.


Grizzly Rose has a house musician they might be using .. I saw a Josh Owen mentioned on a IG account for him playing for Scotty on Friday & Niko Moon on Saturday but I am not sure if thats correct! When I click on the picture it tells me its not available..but I see the picture ..so not sure what is happeneing there.


I also dont think there's an opener for Saturday either for Scotty at Vila PAC/Beaver creek.

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Went to see @scottymccreery perform tonight at the @stiefeltheatre. Such an amazing performance.! Scotty is so personable- he took the time to talk about what inspired his music and it just made the show even better. What topped it off was him playing some 90s country - which spoke straight to my soul♥️. Can’t thank @paigeholcom and @destinee_marie22 enough for being so generous and bringing me along
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