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Pokémon: The Mini-Rankdowns (Gen VIII) (#3-#1 Posted)


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#15. Caterpie



Avg: 10.00


@hayden98 - 1

@Zoey- 3

@FrogLenzen - 10

@Crisis - 10

@goofycilla90 - 10

@1234567890 - 10

@NGM - 12

@Solaris- 12

@.Rei - 13

@totes4totes - 14

@Steven_ - 15




A bunch of Mistys here. I wasn’t going to deprive anyone the chance of sending their favorite Pokémon straight to the finals. Anyway, my favorite Caterpie moment is it taking out Team Rocket’s Pokémon despite being worn out after its battle with Pidgeotto.




I believe that the Caterpie line was a huge favorite of mine when I first watched the anime as a kid, and while Caterpie is not the greatest pokemon to have on your party, I definitely use them a lot of times in different playthroughs just so I can use Butterfree in the end.




#14. Dragonite


Avg: 9.27


Steven - 1

Megan - 1

Crisis - 3

Sola - 8

Victoria - 9

Rei - 11

Derek - 13

Nico - 13

Hayden - 14

Priscilla - 14

Zoey - 15




The original pseudo-legendary. Dragonite is overshadowed by Salamence, but it’s a great Pokémon in its own right. It looks cool and has a nice variety of moves to assault other Pokémon with. The main downside is it takes a while to become one (evolving from Dratini at Level 55).




There's no denying that Dragonite is an iconic Pokemon and a tank if you want to have great force in your party. It is however not one of my big favorites even though I understand the big appeal it has among the Pokemon fans. Dragonair is by far my favorite from this line but Dragonite is also good.



#13. Starmie


Avg: 9.18


Sola - 1

Zoey - 2

Hayden - 7

Nico - 8

Crisis - 8

Rei - 10

Priscilla - 11

Victoria - 12

Steven - 13

Derek - 14

Megan - 15




duh my favorite Gen 1 starter.  Prob getting 15th place though lol.




A solid Water/Psychic Pokémon and one I used in the game a few times.




Starmie is a great pokemon that I really like thanks to its iconic appearance as a Misty pokemon. I also think Starmie can be a great addition to your team. 


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