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Pokémon: The Mini-Rankdowns (Gen VIII) (#3-#1 Posted)


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#12. Kangaskhan



Avg: 9.00


@FrogLenzen - 1

@Solaris- 3

@totes4totes - 6

@NGM - 7

@.Rei - 9

@goofycilla90 - 9

@Zoey- 12

@hayden98 - 12

@Steven_ - 12

@1234567890 - 13

@Crisis - 15





Kangaskhan is a surprising addition to this Top 15 that I did not expect but I like it. It is surprising to me that Kangaskhan is like the only Kangaroo-based pokemon we have had thus far (if I remember correctly). I think Kangaskhan is cool and the whole gimmick with its baby in its pouch it's quite cute. Mega Kangaskhan has the baby grown out and outside now, which is nice but I prefer the original one.




Eh, Kangaskhan is not a terrible Pokémon. However, it’s not one I’d have as a favorite either. The concept of the baby being out of its pouch in its Mega form is cool. Nonetheless, it’s an easy #15 among this bunch.




#11. Lapras


Avg: 8.82


Nico - 2

Steven - 3

Crisis - 4

Derek - 7

Megan - 8

Zoey - 10

Hayden - 10

Priscilla - 12

Sola - 13

Victoria - 14

Rei - 14





I’ve always liked Lapras. It’s a great Pokémon with a diverse movepool and solid stats, giving it great versatility. I try to use it in my party as the non-starter water type whenever I can.




There's no denying that Lapras it's among the best Water or Ice pokemon you can have on your time. It has a great movepool and great design. However, I've always found myself to be bored with Lapras real fast and never really use it on my teams. Sword/Shield tried to give it a bit of more life with a Gigantamax form but it didn't do that much for me to be honest. It is still a great Pokemon though.



#10. Psyduck


Avg: 8.55


Zoey - 4

Derek - 4

Priscilla - 5

Victoria - 6

Megan - 7

Steven - 10

Sola - 11

Nico - 11

Crisis - 11

Rei - 12

Hayden - 13





I’ve used Psyduck in a bunch of playthroughs in the game, and it did a decent job. With that said, the main reason it’s here is because of its anime counterpart. It coming out of its Pokéball at the most inopportune times and showing off its powers when its headache was extreme were some of the best moments.




The whole popularity of Psyduck and the reason why it makes its way to the top 15 is clearly its iconic appearance on the anime. Psyduck provided a lot of comedy relief on the show which I always enjoyed when I watch the show as a kid. I just wish that other iconic anime characters could have also made its way here like Jigglypuff 


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  • .Rei changed the title to Pokémon: The Mini-Rankdowns (Gen I) (#12-10 Posted)

Lapras missing the Top 10 too. :( At least Lapras made it to the end here after getting cut before the final vote in the past rankdowns. 


Lapras is one of my all-time favorite Pokémon too. I have one on my Sword Team. Gigantamax Lapras holding Weakness Policy is super reliable in battle for the Battle Tower and online battles. 

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#9. Butterfree



Avg: 8.45


@Zoey- 1

@.Rei - 5

@Solaris- 5

@1234567890 - 7

@hayden98 - 8

@FrogLenzen - 8

@Crisis - 9

@NGM - 10

@goofycilla90 - 13

@totes4totes - 13

@Steven_ - 14





I think Butterfree is my Chelsie Hightower from Pokemon, meaning that it was my original favorite Pokemon. I remember as a kid that I fell in love right away with Butterfree and while a whole bunch of favorites have overcome them throughout the years, it still has a place on my heart. The Butterfree departure on the anime, it's still one of the saddest moments on TV.




Caterpie’s final evolution. This Pokémon helped me out during the early stages of Gen I when Charmander was my starter. It leaving Ash to go and mate with the pink Butterfree was one of the more memorable moments in the anime.




#8. Charizard


Avg: 8.18


Victoria - 2

Priscilla - 2

Steven - 4

Crisis - 5

Sola - 6

Rei - 8

Derek - 11

Zoey - 11

Megan - 11

Nico - 15

Hayden - 15




Charizard’s rep has taken some hits because Game Freak has been giving it preferential treatment over the years. I mean, it has two Mega forms and a player can get a Gigantamax form after beating the game. With all of that said, it’s still my favorite Gen I starter and one of my favorite Pokémon. It bonding with Ash after spending a lot of time disobeying him was one of the anime’s best storylines.




What's not to say about Charizard that hasn't been said already. Iconic Pokemon, the second face of the Franchise. Excellent performance in the Anime. There's no doubt that Charizard deserves all the love it has gotten from the fandom. And what's not lo love? It is a great desing that exudes appeal. Throw the whole Charizard/Ash storyline and it's hard not to root for Charizard. Well, it's hard not to root for any Pokemon that has survived the bad trainer that is Ash Ketchum. Charizard ends up taking my #13  8 cause I truly prefer all the other Pokemon above but I still recognize the importance that is Charizard for the Pokemon brand. I don't care about its Gigantamax and to be honest I don't like Mega Charizard X that much even though it finally gives Charizard the dragon type it needed since the beginning. Mega Charizard Y is really cool though. Charizard ends up being the lowest ranked repeat Pokemon from last year, going from #6 to #13. But if we take into consideration all the haters that Charizard has, this is nothing short of an accomplishment. Congrats to Victoria and Steven for fighting hard for Charizard and helping it reach the Top 20 once again.





#7. Vaporeon


Avg: 7.91


Derek - 2

Sola - 4

Hayden - 4

Priscilla - 4

Zoey - 7

Steven - 7

Nico - 9

Megan - 10

Victoria - 11

Crisis - 14

Rei - 15




Vaporeon is perhaps my least favorite Eevolution (or tied with Leafeon at least). It’s too bad because I wanted it to be better than it was. The main thing I love about it is its design




Vaporeon is a solid Pokemon both in game and in design. There ends all the positive things I have to say about them. I don't hate it but it is nowhere near my favorite Pokemon. I don't think it's even in my Top 200. And if you're not there it just means that its just not a memorable pokemon. But apparently I'm in the minority cause the majority in here seems to love it. Out of all the eeveelutions, Vaporeon is in my bottom 3 along with Sylveon and Flareon. All the other have better designs and are much more exciting Pokemon. I won't go deep into Vaporeon cause I don't hate it and I can understand the appeal a bit but out of this top 20 15 it is easily sitting near at the bottom for me.


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  • .Rei changed the title to Pokémon: The Mini-Rankdowns (Gen I) (#7-9 Posted)
  • .Rei changed the title to Pokémon: The Mini-Rankdowns (Gen VIII) (#3-#1 Posted)

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