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American Idol Season 20 Semi-Finals (Top 24)

Idol Maniac

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11 hours ago, thevoiceisthetop said:


01. Ava Maybee

02. Cadence Baker

03. Emyrson Flora

04. Katyrah Love

05. Kenedi Anderson

06. Kezia Istonia (a.k.a. Lady K.)

07. Nicolina Bozzo

08. Sage



01. Cameron Whitcomb

02. Daniel Marshall

03. Fritz Hager

04. Jay Copeland

05. Jacob Moran - In Nicolina story

06. Mike Parker

Yes to the fact that Jacob Moran possibly made it.

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19 hours ago, Idol Maniac said:

Camryn Champion

Cole Hallman

Danielle Finn

Delaney Renee

Grace Franklin

Hunter Girl

Maddie Glidewell

Nicolina Bozzo

Noah Thompson

Taylor Jalen Fagins

Tyler Allen

these are the e1 contestants and knowing they have 5-6 T24 artists per audition episode, the bolded are most likely in the Top 24 (crossmatched with T59)

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The competition for the remaining girls is getting really tight...


Scarlet Ayliz is likely the 9th female even though TIP hasnt confirmed it yet. I want to say Hunter Girl and Danielle Finn made it as well because they are in the premiere and made Top 59. Common sense has me wanting to say Leah Marlene is in T24 due to her social media activity/3 SO's at Top 59, and I also want to say Allegra is in it because... shes Allegra, but at least ONE of these 4 girls is cut.

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