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American Idol Season 20 Semi-Finals (Top 24)

Idol Maniac

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Launched Friday, February 11th

Finalized Tuesday, February 15th

Corrected & Re-Finalized Thursday, February 17th



01. Allegra Miles

02. Ava Maybee

03. Cadence Baker

04. Danielle Finn

05. Elli Rowe

06. Emyrson Flora

07. Hunter Girl

08. Katyrah Love

09. Kenedi Anderson

10. Kezia Istonia (a.k.a. Lady K.)

11. Leah Marlene

12. Nicolina Bozzo

13. Sage

14. Scarlet Ayliz



01. Cameron Whitcomb

02. Christian Guardino

03. Daniel Marshall

04. Fritz Hager

05. Jacob Moran

06. Jay Copeland

07. Mike Parker

08. Noah Thompson

09. Sir Blayke

10. Tristen Gressett

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1 hour ago, holinessss said:


1. Cadence BakerTikTok, Twitter

2. Katyrah Love, TikTok, Twitter

3. Kezia Istonia (a.k.a. Lady K.), TikTok, Twitter

4. Nicolina Bozzo, TikTok, Twitter



1. Daniel Marshall, TikTok, Twitter

2. Jay Copeland, TikTok, Twitter

3. Mike Parker, TikTok, Twitter


the boys took so long bc of their basic ass name

Thank you ! Hope TIP comes back soon I thought they were announcing all 24 

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40 minutes ago, jetsrule128 said:

Thank you ! Hope TIP comes back soon I thought they were announcing all 24 

It seems that TIP is finding his spoilers the same way we are: Through posts of people being in a tropical area/Hawaii/Aulani (Nicolina posted a pic with a girl who looks like Cadence yesterday on her story and we know Nicolina is in Hawaii, Jay has his tropical post, Daniel was at Aulani, Mike posted a story with tropical looking leaves in the background, and Lady K/Katyrah are in hotel rooms). It adds up for all 7 people revealed so far. The spoilers hes telling us right now are not "inside source" spoilers, they are ones we can all find ourselves if we look hard enough.

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Let's see how the contestants so far vary based on showcase round songs


Girls - 

Cadence Baker - The Story  - Singer/songwriter folk

Katyrah Love - Sweet Thing  - R&B

Kezia - I'd Rather Go Blind - R&b

Nicolina Bozzo - Rolling in the Deep - Pop

Sage - I Hate this - Country



Cameron Whitcomb - It Ain't Me Babe - Country/Folk

Daniel Marshall - Hard Workin' Man - Country

Jay Copeland - Jars of Hearts - Pop

Mike Parker - Second Guessing - Country


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Carly Mickeal is out - she was at a restuarant in California according to her story

Elliot Greer I think is out - he has a show on the 15th 

Paige Fish has a show Feb 25th idk if they will be done recording by then

Ryan Argast is out he had a show last night according to his story. 

Yoli is out she has a show Sunday.


Betty Maxwell might be in - her story looks Hawaii like

Fritz Hager is in - I think his story is in the hotel. 


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