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Which Season Had The Worst Pre-Lives Robberies


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I would have to say 


Season 7 - SO many great people gone before the lives. Maiya Sykes, Toia Jones, Troy Ritchie, Beth Spangler, Alessandra Castronovo, Menlik Zergbssjdjjd all robbed before the lives so I quickly lost interest in the season.


Season 16 - Even though there were only two rounds that weren’t live, this season had so many unfortunate eliminations in the battles. Rizzi, Mikaela, Cecily, and maybe LiLi should have won their battles. Savannah and Trey deserved steals too. I also have to mention Luna Searles, the most robbed no chair turn ever on the show imo.

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Season 11 had so many unique and interesting artists I honestly pegged down as frontrunners that ended up getting eliminated super early like Khaliya Kimberlie, Halle Tomlinson, Elia Esparza, Whitney and Shannon, Michael Sanchez, Lauren Diaz, Dave Moisan, Courtnie Ramirez, and Maye Thomas. In the end, we got one of the most boring Top 12s ever, especially after Sa'Rayah got the boot in week 1. 

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And there is season 17 with early elimination of MENDELEYEV, Injoy Fountain, Elliemae (Who got short-clipped in her BA but got a unique tone), STEVE KNILL, Matt New (battle montaged), Brooke Stephenson, CORY JACKSON, Caroline Reilly, MARINA CHELLO, Kiara Brown, LAUREN HALL, Destiny Rayne, Zoe Upkins, Royce Lovett...

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