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Contestants that got (probably) screwed over by being in late tapings?


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We all know that having a late timeslot in the pre-live rounds sucks, as it makes it harder to get a chair in the Blinds, and harder to get a steal in the Battles and KOs. Who are some people who probably would've gone way farther assuming they would've been earlier in the Blinds or in the Battles/KOs?


Steve Knill immediately comes to mind, as he was probably one of the last members of Team Kelly, and likely only had Gwen and Kelly able to turn for him. In the Battles, we know Injoy vs. Alex, Shane vs. Melinda, and (probably) Lauren vs. Hello Sunday all came before his Battle with Jake, making it super unlikely that there were any steals left. He was way too good to have gotten so few chairs AND gone home so early though.


Halley Greg also comes to mind, as she auditioned when only Kelly could turn and had her Battle after all the steals had been used.


Mendeleyev and Preston probably both would've advanced past their rounds had steals been available for either of them as well.

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I believe Michael Sanchez was in the last taping for S11's Knockouts, and despite killing his performance and recieving great reviews form the coaches, he couldnt be stolen because of that. (I think he should have won, but it is what it is).


Hailey Green went just after the last KO steal was used too, and she did deserve to stay in my opinion.


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2 hours ago, Discovolcano said:

Hailey Green

Marina Chello

Taylor Green

Bradly Sinclair

Raine Stern 

I disagree with this one. None of the sources were very fond of her battle or KO. Coaching/song choices screwed her over more than order.

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On 2/6/2022 at 9:03 AM, Discovolcano said:

Apparently Kelly was desperate for Raine in the KOs and said if she still had her steel she would use it.

I would've preferred to have her over Zae on the Playoffs, honestly:P

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