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Best KO Steals from Adam/Nick/Gwen/Ariana


Best Knockout Steals  

19 members have voted

  1. 1. S5 - s21

    • Will Champlin
    • Taylor Phelan
    • Brian Johnson
    • Amy Vachal
    • Shalyah Fearing
    • Josh Gallagher
    • Lilli Passero
    • Adam Cunningham
    • Sharane Callister
    • Kameron Marlowe
    • Betsy Ade
    • Joana Martinez
    • Thunderstorm Artis
    • Ben Allen
    • Andrew Marshall/ Holly Forbes

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I voted Amy.


Cunningham could have had a great run had he continued with Blake, but Adam pretty much tried to get rid of him every week, which is why I don´t know why he even stole him in the first place.


Taylor Phelan is a beast, but his PO performance wasn´t that great. I agree that all three that got through from Team Adam actually outdid him that night.


Thunderstorm is great, but that editing doesn´t get any votes from me.

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