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Best Block by Blake


Best Block by Blake  

32 members have voted

  1. 1. Best Block by Blake

    • Britton Buchanan
    • Keith Paluso
    • Gyth Rigdon
    • Katie Kadan
    • Joei Fulco
    • Taryn Papa
    • Gean Garcia
    • Wendy Moten

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His best blocks in terms of strategy were Katie, Britton and Wendy. The first two would have gone with the coach he blocked, but eventually didnt pick him either. Wendy did, but everyone that just heard her for the first time there would have pegged her as just an R&B/soul artist, so blocking John made sense, even though it seems she would have gone with Blake either way.


His blocks for Gyth and Joei made no sense whatsoever. Theh were obviously gonna pick him from the get go.


My vote is for Wendy, since it worked in a brilliant way.

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