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Most improving contestants ever


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I see many people mentioning Rachel Mac. Yeah, i remember when the blind spoilers came out, that she was treated here as fodder. Even the source said that her audition was very pitchy and messy (To be fair, they were right), ,and only very few people here saw her as a possible thread or believed in her, while some other people (a minority, but still) were even saying some really mean things about her voice based on her IG covers (I personally love her Instagram covers, but ok).


But then, her battle happened and the source confirmed that it was the only one that got an standing ovation from all the coaches. And then, Nick procedeed to pick her over his only four-chair turn in the Knockouts. Yep, everybody was shocked. She was not as "fodder" as some people thought she was.


At that point, though, most people here was convinced that Dana was gonna be PV on Team Nick. There was a lot of doubt (I admit i was part of that) that Rachel was gonna be sble deliver live. Guess what? She did it. And even though Dana delivered a great performance as well, Rachel ultimately got the PV on her team. And after that, she managed to became Nick's finalist and got 4th place, despite everyone here having her as 5th at best.  


And yes, she maybe beneffited from Team Quotas. And?? She still did what everyone doubted she could: she delivered live despite her inexperience and beat Dana for the PV twice (Please Dana's fans, don't come at me, i respect her a lot, i'm just saying that Rachel managed to go far despite people doubting her, my post is about Rachel, not Dana). And she still got the same number of performances as the winner:P, so...


Yep, i see why people are mentioning her here. She is a prime example of what this thread is about. 

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