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Laith Al Saadi vs Jesse Larson


Laith Al Saadi vs Jesse Larson  

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These guys are favorites of mine, and I've been rewatching their performances on the show. 


Their journeys are pretty similar. Blues/rock lead guitarrists on Team Adam, pretty much overlooked in the taping rounds, rather unexepectedly won PVs in the playoffs, won the semis IS, and ended 4th in the finale. Hell, they even both performed "The Letter" on the show lol.


I suppose they are not exactly loved here, but I was curious to see how IDF stood in this match.


Which of their journeys did you enjoy more, or who do you prefer as an artist? (If you dont like either or dont have a preference, just dont answer).



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Voted for Laith.

I love me some rockers but Laith’s tone wasn’t for me. He has my respect though, cool song choices, always reliable live and had some great moments.


Jesse has a less polarizing voice but I always found him extremely forgettable. I can’t say he didn’t deserve finale but I would have chosen someone else.

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Laith 🙂

I felt pretty much his wohle run, he knocked it out of the park.


As Daillon mentioned regarding Jesse, he was pretty nice but overall forgettable. Like this season had Hunter Plake, Brennley Brown, and Vanessa Ferguson as alternatives. Even though he performed relatively well his whole run (and gave us the only performance of Sir Duke on the show!), I don't get how Jesse got that finale spot over all of them.

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Went with Laith. To this day, my favorite run a contestant has had on the show. And I love his blues albums. "Gone" is a fantastic song of his. He is a beast on guitar but his voice is no joke. As bluesy as they come, and those old school picks were phenomenal. Albert King, Bob Seger, Peter Gabriel, Joe Cocker, Cream, etc.


That being said, I love Jesse as well. I know many had other favorites but he really caught my attention throughout the season. I mean, Jealous Guy, a good version of The Letter that differed from Laith´s, Sir Duke, Jungle Love, and that great duet with Adam (who I like much better as a guitarrist than a vocalist). I loved it.


I´d still go with Laith, like I said, but I think Jesse got way too much hate on his season due to being a snowflake killer. Both are contestants I throughly enjoyed.

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