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Rank the best Season 21 Knockouts from each team


IDF's favorite knockout performance per team  

36 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose

    • Team Kelly: Girl Named Tom - Wichita Lineman
    • Team Legend: Paris Winningham - Tennessee Whiskey
    • Team Ariana: Jim & Sasha Allen - Home
    • Team Blake: Wendy Moten - Ain't No Way

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Wendy rocked Aretha without breaking a sweat, Paris delivered the moment that forever changed his Voice trajectory, and Jim and Sasha had easily their best showing of the season.


But Wichita Lineman is Wichita Lineman. Campbell is upstairs nodding approvingly. (A bit corny, but y'all get the point lol).

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1 hour ago, erik g said:

Paris is #3 for best Team Legend KO for me lol. (1. Jershika 2. Shadale), but anyways Wendy slayed

Agree here. Paris was phenomenal but I did prefer Jershika/Shadale and I wouldn't put Jim & Sasha as the best/my favorite from Team Ari either (even tho they were also great). If Jershika was in this poll I'd probs vote for her (fun fact there was a one vote difference between her and Paris in the OG poll lol), but Wendy would be a close #2 either way so I happily voted for her

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1. GNT

2. Wendy - practically tied with GNT

3. Paris

4. J&S


Interesting that all 4 winners ended up being the last member standing of their respective teams (as of the knockouts). I didn't expect J&S to be the most popular Team Ariana knockout, although to be fair Team Ariana had a lot of good performances but no real standouts in the knockouts.


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26 minutes ago, Gustavo527 said:

I picked Wendy. I wish i could connect to Wichita Lineman in the same way a lot of people here seem to do it, but something in that performance is missing for me, idk


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