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GIGI HADID Welcome to the first ever week of ANTM : Legends ! For their first photoshoot, the models were
given the task to portray emotions / storytelling in their picture while linking it with a political issue to encourage
people to get out and vote. But first, let's say hello to our judges before we start judging the models' pictures :


711676-500w.jpg 690106.jpg?width=280&sharpen=true



GIGI HADID Welcome judges ! Hope you are both ready to start judging these legends.
This week, the models will be called out to the judges' panel in alphabetical order. 






GIGI HADID : I really like how captivating the picture is, especially how well composed you are. And while I enjoy the overall composure of it, I do wish we could have seen more of a "model" side of you in the picture.


MIKE RUIZ I definitely see the narrative in this picture. You look very sorrowful and heavy, and overall, it's a beautiful, impactful shot. I just would've liked to see more of the "model" side from you. The styling is a bit distracting and covers you up more than I'd like.


KATARZYNA : There's something captivating about this photo and I can't really figure out what but it drawns you. The use of your eyes is what normally defines you, so it is nice that you can pull other type of looks as well. It's not that connected to the matter at hand but it is a good photo nonetheless. A very solid start. 






MIKE RUIZ You certainly nailed the emotion piece here. It's a strong, campaign-worthy image. At the same time, you remembered to showcase yourself, too. I'm not necessarily amazed, but you nailed it right out of the gate for me.


KATARZYNA The font at the picture is very distracting but I get it is difficult to find a picture and attach it to a serious issue, so I'm gonna just judge the picture. You look pretty.......... but that's about it, I think you could have done way better. I'm disappointed.


GIGI HADID : While I would have wanted more from you, I have to say that you completely nail the emotional delivery of your message - we can feel your pain while looking at your picture, especially when looking at your eyes.  In other words, I think you nailed the brief but I am hoping for a WOW moment in the coming weeks.






KATARZYNA You look expensive so you sort of committed to the issue. I think the styling is great and the face is stunning. I'm missing a bit more wow from you but again a very solid start.


GIGI HADID Ann, this picture is simply stunning - I've been mesmerized from the moment it popped up on the screen. What I love the most about this picture is how it gives me some Marie Antoinette & Mary Queen of Scots vibes, but I could have live without the accessories. 

MIKE RUIZ In terms of the shot itself, I really like it. You look very aristocratic and expensive. Where you lose me a bit narratively is with the modern accessories. I'm not sure what they're supposed to convey or how they fit into the theme you chose. Still a strong photo, but those little details keep me from loving it.






GIGI HADID First of all, the picture convey the message perfectly and there's certainly a personal connection there. And while you look stunning in the picture, I must be honest here - my eyes didn't go to you right away as your co-model kind of steal the shoot from you, so that's something to remember. 

MIKE RUIZ : Hm. I don't hate this shot of you, but it's a bit of a missed opportunity for me. I think you really could have slayed with something strong and passionate, so to see this picture not be as strong in the messaging is where I personally have a disconnect. 

KATARZYNA You took a risk by having another model on your photo but unfortunately my eyes inmediately went to them and that's is a no no. Make sure that if you are gonna have another person, they are the prop not you. Having said that, I got your social issue






MIKE RUIZ You're the opposite of Allison for me this week. You nailed the "model" aspect of the brief, but other than your surroundings, I don't think you connected with the theme as much as I would've liked. I wish you would have tapped more into that anger and frustration about the unfairness of our justice system. Instead, you just look like a handsome inmate. It doesn't really move me. 

KATARZYNA : Well if I ever get incarcerated I want to go that prison and dress as nicely as you did. This is among the strongest faces from this photoshoot but it doesn't really look like you are an inmate so minus points from that.

GIGI HADID : What I like the most about this picture is that it could be used for an AD to promote an issue, which is clear what it is when looking at it.  I really love the relaxed composure of this picture, and I think you really surprised with this picture.  And I will be here to defend the issue used as we have to remind ourselves that incarceration doesn't necessarily mean prison but it could also be an immigration detention centre or the picture could be used to describe for-profit prison. 





KATARZYNA You clearly know how to use your body to give us a fierce pose. This one fits the brief nicely and it is one of the most successful attempts out of everyone. A strong start.

GIGI HADID First of all, I must commend you for going all out and taking a risk with your picture. While I love the usage of your body, I do wish we could see more of your face - I think more lightening would have fixed that issue. But overall, I think you really nailed the assignment! 

This is definitely a strong image. I think you married the different parts of the brief well, really tapping into the darkness of your theme while still selling yourself as a model. I guess I just wish it wasn't as "obvious" of a fashion image, with the bag and shoes placed like they are. Those things take away from the gravity of your theme, I think.






GIGI HADID The picture could have been boring but what I love about it is that you were able to make it fashionable especially with your hair movement.  With some modification made to the image - addition of a fist in the air or logo - I do believe that your picture could work as an AD for the cause. 


MIKE RUIZ You're in a similar boat as AzMarie for me. I think this would've been a great opportunity to tap more into the emotion behind your theme, and I don't necessarily see that. Still, you certainly created a dynamic image, and I love your confidence and the hair flip. 


KATARZYNA The hair is already iconic and your face is to die for. I would like it to be a bit closer to the theme but a very strong first showing from you Eugena nonetheless.  






MIKE RUIZ : It's a gorgeous picture of you. I love the neck extension and closed-in body language, and the light is hitting you beautifully. I just think emotionally, it reads a bit blank. Had you tapped into more of a sense of sorrow or anger, this could have blown me away.


KATARZYNA  I have to be honest and say that I'm disappointed of seeing you again. Not because you aren't an amazing model but I feel like we've seen you in every cycle at Reloaded and I'm worried if you can show us anything new this time around. As for this photo, I think the body language and styling is stunning but I wish you expression had the same life as the rest of the picture. 


GIGI HADID  I really appreciate your take on "Black Lives Matter" as you took on a different approach than Eugena. We can feel the pain and sorrow while looking at your picture, but I do worry that it might get loss in the shuffle at the end of the day. 






KATARZYNA Unlike Fatima, I'm excited to see you here this cycle. Having said that, if you survive you must deliver for the next photo cause this one is just no good. It screams bad acting and the type that is not fun.


GIGI HADID Unfortunately, I am not getting model from this picture nor harassment - I do think that you could have maybe excelled with another theme like "invasion of privacy" or something along those line. But back to the image, this comes across as wannabe actress instead of model.  Next week, you will need to show us that you are a model and not an actress !


MIKE RUIZ I feel like you're definitely acting the part here, but I'm getting none of the emotion. You absolutely know how to model, give good angles, but in terms of your theme, the shot misses the mark a bit for me. It's just a little too posed and a little too perfect. 






GIGI HADID As soon as I took a look at this image, I absolutely knew which issue you took on & you completely nail the brief for me. That being said, I do agree with some of the judges that there is a bit of an issue with the modelling aspect, regarding your neck. But overall, I really like your picture. 


MIKE RUIZ From the shoulders down, it's a great picture. Your body language is on point, and the overall image is strong, especially with that background. From the neck up, the shot is somewhat weak for me. There's no discernible emotion on your face, and you've lost your neck. This shot is one that I think could have been a knockout, but the lack of connection facially is what's holding me back from loving it.

I'm on the fence with this picture. I think you look stunning and your are modeling from head to toes. But I don't know if you support Plastic Pollution or against it. I think you could have tackled your issue better. 






MIKE RUIZ : Your theme and picture are both very similar to AzMarie's, so it's tough to put a finger on why your overall shot works for me while hers didn't as much. Maybe it's that you're more front and center, and just really connecting more into a feeling of love. That's the emotion I get, at least. I think facially, you still could have been stronger, but I like what you've done here.


KATARZYNA Funny how you and AzMarie tackled their issue the same way but unlike her you did everything right. You look drop dead gorgeous. I think this might be one of my favorite pictures ever from you Naima. Stunning!


GIGI HADID While another model took on a similar theme as you, I think you manage to excel where she was unable to do so - you are the focus of the picture, and I do feel "love" from this image. As well, I love that this image can be more than just same-sex relationship as there's definitely the presence of intersectionality - we are all worthy of love,, no matter our orientation, gender or race. 





KATARZYNA You lucked out with this photoshoot since you were able to pick a theme that is actually very familiar to you. Nothing wrong about it, keep being smart! You gave us what we asked of you and you did it great.


GIGI HADID For me, this is the most personable picture of the week - we understand the importance of this issue when it comes to YOUR life.  And I also love the usage of the different colors which also shows the importance of intersectionality - being part of the LGBTQIA+ community while being deaf.  For me, you understood the assignment and you were able to deliver an incredible photo. 


MIKE RUIZ I think thematically, you have one of my favorite shots. I love how your theme is displayed all over your body, and you're projecting a lot of confidence here. My only critique is the cropping; there's a lot of negative space in the shot, and I think if everything was zoomed in and centered, it'd present as a stronger image. Still, great work.






MIKE RUIZ Maybe it's due to the photography, but I'm not overly in love with this. I feel like you weren't captured as well here as you could have been. Thematically and pose-wise, though, you nailed it, 100%. I just would've liked to see you commit to more of an emotion on your face.


KATARZYNA : Look over there!!!!! You look pretty and pose is great but just having a flag behind you is not enough to convey your theme. 


GIGI HADID I have to disagree with my fellow judge as I find that this image speaks for itself, especially considering the importance of the voting rights movement especially for BIPOC Americans. What I love about this picture is the way you're gazing into the future, as well as the usage of the black & white picture which could be interpreted as a metaphor of the BIPOC communities being stuck in time when it comes to certain of their rights. That being said, I do wish we could have seen more emotions in your face but overall, it was a good picture. 





GIGI HADID One of the best picture of the week where you were able to show that you can still model while tackling a social issue.  I do wish there was more emotions expressed in your face as I feel that would have been a WOW moment from you. But you're on the right track and I am looking forward to seeing more from you in the coming weeks.


MIKE RUIZ :  This picture is one of the best for me in terms of marrying the brief and the model. You look absolutely gorgeous here. I think if you had honed in on more of a specific emotion, though, this could have been killer.


KATARZYNA :  Wow Stunning!!! One of the few pictures that fits the brief the best. It is a near perfect picture, it is just  missing that tiny wow to make it perfect. Still right at the top of the pack.






Allison Harvard (Drug Decriminalization)
Amanda Swafford (Mental Health / Depression): 
Ann Ward (Wealth Inequality) :
AzMarie (LGBTQIA+ Rights) : 
Don Benjamin (Incarceration) : 

Erin (Suicide / Mental Health): 

Eugena Washington (Black Lives Matter) : 

Fatima (Black Lives Matter) : 

Jade Cole (Harassment) : 
Leila (Plastic Pollution): 

Naima (Love Is Love) : 

Nyle Dimarco (Sign Language Awareness) : 

Tocarra (Voting Rights): 
Winnie Harlow (Sex Workers' Rights) : 





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  • *Chris changed the title to ANTM : LEGENDS (Theme #1 : Photoshoot posted)

Allison Harvard (Drug Decriminalization) : 7
Amanda Swafford (Mental Health / Depression): 7
Ann Ward (Wealth Inequality) : 10
AzMarie (LGBTQIA+ Rights) : 8
Don Benjamin (Incarceration) : 6

Erin (Suicide / Mental Health): 8

Eugena Washington (Black Lives Matter) : 7

Fatima (Black Lives Matter) : 8

Jade Cole (Harassment) : 5
Leila (Plastic Pollution): 10

Naima (Love Is Love) : 9

Nyle Dimarco (Sign Language Awareness) : 10

Tocarra (Voting Rights): 9
Winnie Harlow (Sex Workers' Rights) : 9

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Allison Harvard (Drug Decriminalization) : 7
Amanda Swafford (Mental Health / Depression): 7
Ann Ward (Wealth Inequality) : 6
AzMarie (LGBTQIA+ Rights) : 8
Don Benjamin (Incarceration) : 7

Erin (Suicide / Mental Health): 7

Eugena Washington (Black Lives Matter) : 9

Fatima (Black Lives Matter) : 10

Jade Cole (Harassment) : 6
Leila (Plastic Pollution): 8

Naima (Love Is Love) : 9

Nyle Dimarco (Sign Language Awareness) : 8

Tocarra (Voting Rights): 7
Winnie Harlow (Sex Workers' Rights) : 7


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Question for models : Would you prefer having the next theme posted after I post the week's photoshoot or having it posted at the results show ? I feel having it posted with the week's photoshoot would let us move at a decent pace, and it wouldn't be a lost cause as if you're eliminated you still get the comeback battle.


You can let me know in PM what you prefer if you want to keep your identity a secret !

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Allison Harvard (Drug Decriminalization) : 7
Amanda Swafford (Mental Health / Depression): 7
Ann Ward (Wealth Inequality) : 7
AzMarie (LGBTQIA+ Rights) : 7
Don Benjamin (Incarceration) : 6

Erin (Suicide / Mental Health): 8

Eugena Washington (Black Lives Matter) : 7

Fatima (Black Lives Matter) : 9

Jade Cole (Harassment) : 4
Leila (Plastic Pollution): 8

Naima (Love Is Love) : 9

Nyle Dimarco (Sign Language Awareness) : 10

Tocarra (Voting Rights): 7
Winnie Harlow (Sex Workers' Rights) : 10

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To keep this game moving, we are revealing our 2nd theme as all of

you will be submitting a picture, no matter the outcome of this week.  

For the 2nd theme of this cycle, the models will be taking on... 



































This week, the models will be delivering their take on Cycle 10's "Music Genre", a photoshoot that our very own

Katarzyna ( @.Rei) slayed on ANTM. The main goal for this photoshoot will be to portray a music genre or singer.

Once again, you have full control of your picture and your pose - you will simply have to ensure your picture fits the

music genre or artist/singer that you decided to embody. Like last week, you will have to state your specific genre. 

You will have about 48 hours to submit your picture - similar as last week, and they will be posted a day after the results.

Edited by *Chris
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2 minutes ago, jarmon said:

are you being like Tyra? this game isn't about you! it's about the models!!! :giggle:


1 minute ago, *Chris said:

She wanted to outdo Gigi with her image of the week ! 

you all knew what would happen when I was made a judge 🙂


  • Haha 2
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Allison Harvard (Drug Decriminalization) : 8
Amanda Swafford (Mental Health / Depression): 9
Ann Ward (Wealth Inequality) : 6
AzMarie (LGBTQIA+ Rights) : 5
Don Benjamin (Incarceration) : 7

Erin (Suicide / Mental Health): 8

Eugena Washington (Black Lives Matter) : 7

Fatima (Black Lives Matter) : 9

Jade Cole (Harassment) : 4
Leila (Plastic Pollution): 8

Naima (Love Is Love) : 8

Nyle Dimarco (Sign Language Awareness) : 7

Tocarra (Voting Rights): 8
Winnie Harlow (Sex Workers' Rights) : 10

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Allison Harvard (Drug Decriminalization) : 6
Amanda Swafford (Mental Health / Depression): 5
Ann Ward (Wealth Inequality) : 4
AzMarie (LGBTQIA+ Rights) : 7
Don Benjamin (Incarceration) : 3

Erin (Suicide / Mental Health): 9

Eugena Washington (Black Lives Matter) : 4

Fatima (Black Lives Matter) : 8

Jade Cole (Harassment) : 5
Leila (Plastic Pollution): 7

Naima (Love Is Love) : 7

Nyle Dimarco (Sign Language Awareness) : 6

Tocarra (Voting Rights): 4
Winnie Harlow (Sex Workers' Rights) : 8

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  • *Chris changed the title to ANTM : HEROES VS. VILLAINS (WEEK 1 - RESULTS POSTED)

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