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On 1/19/2022 at 6:47 PM, *Chris said:


The first cycle will be known as LEGENDS!

Who are the legends ?

Any models that competed on ANTM & left their mark on the show !
Any models that found success after their time on ANTM ! 


And now here's our legendary panel :


World renowned model, Gigi Hadid as the head judge (@*Chris)


Celebrity photographer, Mike Ruiz (@rdhaley96)




Model & ANTM: Re-Reloaded commentator, Katarzyna Dolinska (@.Rei)




This cycle, 14 legends will be competing against each other. 

The sign-up process will begin in a day or two, where everyone will start with a model each.
Once everyone signed up with a model each, I will open the sign-up for a second model. 
Claim will come on a first come, first serve basis. 

As well, only a total of 4 models from ANTM; RE-Reloaded will be allowed to compete.

Here's a list of model that I consider to fit the criteria of ANTM : Legends :


Adrianne Curry

Camille McDonald

Yoanna House

Toccara Jones

Naima Mora

Michelle Deighton

Rebecca Epley

Tiffany Richardson

Nik Pace

Lisa D’Amato

Bre Scullark

Kim Stolz

Cassandra Whitehead

Jade Cole

CariDee English

Jenah Doucette

Heather Kuzmich

Bianca Golden

Dominique Reighard

Whitney Thompson

Allison Harvard

Celia Ammerman

Natalie Pack

AzMarie Livingston

Leila Goldkuhl

Don Benjamin

Keith Carlos

Nyle Dimarco

Kyla Coleman


Angelea Preston
Elyse Sewell 

Eugena Washington

Chantelle Brown-Young

Amanda Swafford

Isis King

Fatima Siad

April Wilkner

Anya Kop

Brittany Brower

Melrose Bickerstaff

Yaya Dacosta

Danielle Evans

Eva Pigford


Jaslene Gonzales


At the end of the day, you decide which model you wish to claim but remember, they must fit the criteria of LEGENDS !


50 minutes ago, *Chris said:

Reminder :

  • Claims are being made via PM, and the identity of the user will be kept anonymous until their elimination. 
  • Models to be claimed has to be consider a legend in one way or the other - it could happen that they're not listed on the list provided (e.g.: winners, successful model post-antm).
  • Only 4 models from ANTM: Re-reloaded can be claimed - the last 16 models listed at the top post are the one that were portrayed in ANTM: Re-reloaded.
  • One advice is to look at their portfolio before confirming your claim - www.all-antm.net is a good resources to use ! 
  • Do not worry if you're not around at 4PM as we have 14 spots to claim - there's a possibility that some of you will have 2 models ! 

And one last thing about this season : I will be introducing the option to vote privately, as well, if some people truly wish to keep their identity as secret - this might influence some people to join!  If I see there's a big demand for voting privately, I will create a survey to avoid a clutter in my PMs. 


Bump for 4pm / sign-up! 

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  • *Chris changed the title to ANTM : LEGENDS ! (Sign-up is now open via PM)
  • *Chris changed the title to ANTM : HEROES VS. VILLAINS (WEEK 1 - RESULTS POSTED)

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